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White metal kits and figures from the US. Most of these are vehicles, but some sets include figures. There is also complete figure sets. They also sell a complete train set. See their site for more details.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments
AC-1 1914 Austin Armored Car  
AC-2 Austin Armored Car in Russia 1939  
AC-3 Crosly Tender Truck Kit Open or Closed Version  
AC-4 Lancia British Armored Lorry  
AC-5 V.I. Lenin's Rolls Royce Winter Version  
AC-6 V.I. Lenin's Rolls Royce Summer Version  
AC-7 Austin Putilov Russan Armored Car 1915  
AC-8 Austin Putilov 1/2 Track Armored  Car 1917 - 1940  
AC-9 U.S. Liberty Truck Model B 1917  
AC-10 1916 - 1917 Model "T" Ford Light Car Patrol  
AC-11 WWI 1915 British Army - Model "T" Ford Gun Car  
AC-12 Model "T" Sedan  
AC-13 Model "T" Ford Coupe  
AC-14 Model "T" Ford Panel Truck  
AC-15 Model "T" Truck  
AC-16 Model "T" Ambulance  
AC-17 Model "T" Ford Staff Car with touring body  
AC-18 1915 Lanchester Armored Car  
AC-19 1939 Autovettura Lancia Aprilia Torpedo Militare Staff Car  
AC-20 1941 S-37 Autoprotetto Armored Car  
AC-21 1913 Mercedes Benz Torpedo Staff Car  
AC-22 Daimler Marienfelde ALZ 13 German Truck 1914  
AC-23 Strassenpanzerkraftwagen Ehrhardt 1917 German Armored Car  
AC-24 St. Chamond French Tank Mark I  
AC-25 St. Chamond French Tank Mark II  
AC-24 Model "T" Ford Pickup  
AC-25 Model "T" Ford Back Country Bus  
AC-27 French Laffly S20TLPC Radio Van  
AC-27a French Laffly S20TL Dragoon Porte  
AC-27b French Laffly S20TL Varient Body Style  
AC-27c French Laffly S20TL Dragoon Porte with top up  
AC-27d French Laffly S20TL Covered Cargo Van  
AC-27e French Laffly S20TL Cargo Truck  
AC-28 Daimler Marienwagen 1/2 track II  
AC-29 Jeffery/Nash Quad 4017A 2 ton Ammunition Truck  
AC-30a Autoblindata Lancia IZ armored car 1915 version  
AC-30b Autoblindata Lancia IZ armored car 1917 -1943 version  
AC-31 Thornycroft Type J Lorry 1915-1925  
AC-32 13pdr Mk 3 AA Gun on Thornycroft Type J Lorry  
ART-1 7.7 cm German Army Field Gun & Limber  
ART-2 French 75mm Field Gun  & Limber  
ART-3 British 18lb. Field Gun  & Limber  
HT-2 A7V German Army Heavy Tank 1918  
HT-3 Char D'Assaut Schneider CA1 1917 First French Tank  
RR-1 1915 British Naval Air Service Rolls Royce Armored Car  
RR-2 WWI 1915 British Army - Rolls Royce Armored Car Kit  
RR-3 1915 Talbot Armored Car - Royal Naval Air Service  
RR-4 WWI British Army - Open Topped Rolls Royce Armored Car  
RR-5 1915 British Army Rolls Royce Tender  
RR-6 1920 Royal Air Force version - Rolls Royce Armored Car  
RR-7 1920 British Army Rolls Royce Tender  
RR-7a British Army 1930 - 1945 Rolls Royce Tender open top  
RR-8 1924 Version Rolls Royce Armored Car  
RR-9 1924 Version upgraded to 1940 Standards Rolls Royce Armored Car  
RR-10 British Army 1916 Rolls Royce on Fordson Chassis 1940  

Kit Number Kit Name Comments
ART-1A German Gun Crew in Stalhelm  
ART-1B German Gun Crew in Picklehaub  
ART-2A French Gun Crew in 1914 uniform  
ART-3A British Gun Crew in 1914 uniform soft cap  
ART-3B British Gun Crew in Tin Hats  
ART-3C British Gun Crew in Pith Helmets  
ART-H Six Gun Horses  
BRIT1 British Infantry - Ireland 1920 30 Figures
BRIT2 British Machinegun Team WW I era.
GER1 German Schutztruppe WW I East Africa 30 Figures
GER2 German Machinegun Team WW I era.

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Kit list last updated 03 April 2009