Professional Model
Resin kits from the Czech Republic. Professional Models also markets some vehicle accessories.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MS001 T-34/85 Post-War Czechoslovak Production Conversion set for Revell T-34/85 kit.      
MS002 Humvee M-114 Uparmored Conversion set for Revell Hummer kit.      
MS003 Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO F3 Late Version Conversion set for Revell FAMO kit.      
MS004 Magach 7A Conversion set for Italeri M48 kit.      
MS006 SU-100 (Post War Czechoslovakian)        
MS007 DUKW detail set        
MS008 SdKfz234/2 Puma detail set        
MS009 Trailer AT-10 with K-10 S/SD        
MS010 Trailer AT-22 with CH-22        
MS011 Trailer AT-20 with CH-20M        
MS012 GMC 353 US Army Clubmobil        
MS013 M2A2 Bradley        
MS014 GMC Le Roi        
MW002 BTR-60 wheels        
MW003 SdKfz234/2 Puma wheels        
MW004 DUKW wheels        

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MW001 Humvee Wheels Four replacement wheels.      
MS005 Sd.Kfz. 9 FAMO Tarpaulins        

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Kit list last updated 17 October 2017