PN Sud Modelisme
website: email:pnsudmodelisme(at)sfr(dot)fr
Resin from France. In addition to the following sets, this company makes a large selection of diorama accessories, such as beach obstacles and bunkers, as well as some figures.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
7280 88mm PAK 43/41 Fantastic model. Good choice if you need a gun for an ESCI Hummel-to-Nashorn conversion. Preview    
7282 50mm KwK Good model. Tank gun mounted on pedestal. Preview    
7283 US Armored Bulldozer        
7284 Flak 20/38 inside gun pit Gun with mini-diorama.      

Diorama Items
Most of these items are cast in resin and/or ceramic and are prefinished. Check the company website for additinal information.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
7200SK Blockhouse with double embrasures for 50mm KwK
7201Blockhouse with embrasure for Observation
7203Small blockhouse with embrasure
7204Blockhouse H667 Omaha Beach - Le Ruquet
7204-BBunker H667 Omaha-Beach Le Ruquet
7205Pillbox for two machine guns at Omaha Beach
7206Coastal Post M272 for 150mm
7206.LMarine Artillery M272 from Longues sur Mer
7207Blockhouse H677 for 88mm PaK 43/41 Omaha Beach ( Vierville)
7208Blockhouse with double embrasure for 50mm at Omaha Beach Plage de Vierville
7209Blockhouse H669 for 75mm Omaha Beach
7210Tobruk for tank turret
7211Tobruk H58C for MG34
7214Vat for 88mm FlaK on shelter L401
7215Emplacement for Flak 20mm on small shelter
7216Emplacement for Flak 20mm
7217Vat for FlaK 20mm on shelter
7218St. Aubin Blockhouse
7218-ASt. Aubin Blockhouse with 50mm cannon
7219Emplacement for Flak 88mm
7220Wooden Emplacement with sand bags
7221concrete entrance for underground shelter
7225Emplacement for 50mm KWK
7226machine gun post
7227Blockhouse D'Asnelle for 50mm KwK
7229Tobruk emplacement
7230Wood Obstacle on Tripod
7231Jagged Wood Obstacle with Telermine
7233Mine on a Stake
7234Artillery shell on a Stake
7235Stopping Stake
7236Knuss Knackermines
7237Tetrapod Concrete Block
7238Concrete Block
7239Pyramid three faces
7240Big Concrete Block Anti-tank
7241Anti-tank Wall on the Beach with stairways
7242Anti-tank Wall on the Street
7249fortified post entrance
7250Barbed WireEtched brass. 2.6m long.
7252Concrete Trench
7253Concrete Trenches
7254L-shaped for Concrete Trench
7267Concrete Trench kit3 straight, 3 T-shaped, 2 angled
7268Complete Wooden Trench kit3 straight, 3 angled
7288-AMichelin Direction Signs on Posts (Normandy 1944)pre-painted
7285Command Post M262A from Longues sur Mer
7290Destroyed Beach Anti-tank Wall
7292Blockhouse SK for 50 KwK with Tobruk for tank turret

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
7264 German Personalities Four white metal figures of WW II German command group.      

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Kit list last updated 10 December 2016