Model Point
website: (defunct) email: modelpoint(at)modelpoint(dot)us (defunct)
Turned metal accessory sets from the USA. The company is now out of business.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
7200 F-34 Gun Barrel For T-34-76     Bruce Probst
7201 20K Gun Barrel For BT-5/7, T-26, T-35 & BA-3/6/9      
7202 100mm D-10 Gun Barrel For SU-100      
7203 85mm D-5T/S Gun Barrel For T-34-85 (Sormovo plant production) SU-85/85M UM kit.      
7204 STRV 103C L74 Gun Barrel        
7204-1 STRV 103B L74 Gun Barrel        

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Kit list last updated 26 July 2011