Model Miniature
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Resin kits, AFV accessories, figures & diorama items and water slide decals from France.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MM-R001 M-325 Nun-Nun "Patrol" Figure included      
MM-R013 M-325 Cargo Truck Figure included      
MM-R015 Shelter Gichner ramim includes 1 figure      
MM-R016 Namer APC (Merkava I/II) includes 1 figure      
MM-R017 Tiran 5 with Dozer blade includes 1 figure      
MM-R018 Tiran APC with KMT mine roller includes 1 figure      
MM-R019 120mm mortar (firing position) includes 2 figures      
MM-R020 120mm mortar (travel position) includes 1 figure      
MM-R021 Demining robot (Wolverine) includes 1 figure Preview    
MM-R024 M-151 A2 Mutt        
MM-R025 Jeep M-38 A1 (Lebanese war)        
MM-R029 Bulldozer D-9        
MM-R030 D-9 with transparent glass        
MM-R031 Dodge WC-62        
MM-R032 Cougar/Badger ILAV        
MM-R035 Land Rover + M-40        
MM-R036 Land-Rover + DSKA        
MM-R037 M-40 recoilless rifle        
MM-R040 M325 Nun-nun + ZPU-1        
MM-R041 ZPU-1 anti aircraft        
MM-R042 Jeep M-38 w/ 106mm gun        
MM-R043 Jeep M-38 (Israeli)        
MM-R044 Israeli Sherman M-50        
MM-R045 D-9R with Slat Armor and Mine plow        
MM-R046 Lebanese M-50 with instructor chair        

Unimog UR-416 (PLO)



IDF Camel Crane "Wabco"        


Kilshon Sherman conversion For Trumpeter      
MM-R052 Achzarit (basic version) Resin conversion kit on the basis of Trumpeter T-55/54, PST.      
Achzarit Hatap This kit contains a conversion kit and a soldier Achzarit Hatap female, installed at the machine gun and a manual instruction and photos of the vehicle.      
MM-R054 Bulldozer D7      


M-151A2 Mutt TOW missile        


M-151A2 Mutt TOW supply        


M-66 Makmat For Hasegawa      


Bulldozer D-7 (Vietnam Version)        


M-42 Duster        


Technical “Pick up” with ZPU-1 gun        


Technical “Pick up” with UB-32        


Panhard AML-90 (AML-245)        


Hamer Raccoon (Stalker II)        


Abir Memugan (M-462)        


155mm L-33 Ro’em For Trumpeter      


Hamer Lynx        


TCM-20 20mm AA gun        


Halftrack with TCM-20 20mm AA Gun        


M-325 Riot version (police and military)        


Halftrack Zahlan conversion (type 2)        


Merkava Mk.III upgrade (REV/TRP)        


Magash Tagash Akrav (on M-60 AVBL)        


AMX-13 with 75mm gun One piece tracks      


M-34 with ZU-23-2 Conversion for Academy M-35. ZU-23-2 comes pre-built.      


ZU-33-2 AA gun Driving and firing configuration.      


T-34 D-30 122mm (Syrian)        
MM-R113 HMMWV OPFOR (BRDM version)        
MM-R118 Buffalo MPCV        
MM-R119 Achzarit (Aquarium version) Conversion kit for T-55 Trumpeter, PST,...      
MM-R120 M-47 Patton (medium tank)    
MM-R122 Puma (with Cartpet System)        
MM-R123 AMX-10 RC        
MM-R125 AML-60 (Panhard) Armoured Car        
MM-R130 BTM High speed ditching machine        
MM-R131 M-151 Mutt with cover New molds.      
MM-R132 AMX-10 RC Separ As used in the Afghan and Malian war.      
MM-R139 VBCI        
MM-R140 IDF Halftrack with with EYAL crane        
MM-R145 VAB P "Felin"        
MM-R148 VAB T20-13 / 20mm gun        
MM-R149 VAB armor (IBD) with 12.7mm (CB-127 turret)        
MM-R151 M1120 HEMTT LHS & M988 trailer        
MM-R152 AMX-10 RCR "counter-IED"        
MM-R155 VAB with 120mm mortar "Saviem"        
MM-R156 M-989 trailer        
MM-R157 Puma RAM        
MM-R158 AMX-30 B2        
MM-R161 AMX-10 RC "Daguet Operation"        
MM-R162 VBCI "FINUL and African War"        
MM-R164 VAB TOP        
MM-R167 AMX-30 B2 version FORAD        
MM-R178 M-88 A1 ACAV        
MM-R179 M-88 A1        
MM-R185 EBR FL-11        
MM-R186 EBR FL-10        
MM-R189 Technical "Pick-up" (Special forces)        
MM-R190 Buffalo MPCV counter IED        
MM-R191 Mortar 120mm (firing position) incl. 2 figures      
MM-R192 Land Rover Defender        
MM-R193 AMX-13 90mm        
MM-R194 AMX AUF1 GCT 155mm        
MM-R195 AMX-10 RC first/export version        
MM-R196 Al-Qaswa        
MM-R197 SAAD/TALHA        
MM-R199 Tiran SLA        
MM-R200 IDF Halftrack with 120mm mortar        
MM-R201 EBR General De Gaulle at his funeral        
MM-R202 EBR Saharian raid (1er REC)        
IDF Halftrack Tsefa        
MM-R205 AMX-30 Brenus        
MM-R206 AMX-30 upgrade set For Heller      
MM-R207 VAB Wheels - type 3 For Heller/Model Miniature      
MM-R208 LRU / M-270 MLRS        
MM-R209 M-88 A2 Hercules        
MM-R210 Bradley, MLRS, LRU tracks        
MM-R212 ERC-90 Sagaie        
MM-R213 ERC-90 Lynx        
MM-R214 ERC-90 Sagaie 2        
MM-R215 VBL 12.7mm        
MM-R216 VAB Prevote        
MM-R217 VBL 7.62mm        
MM-R218 M-270 MLRS        
MM-R219 Israeli Namer APC        
MM-R220 Cougar Badger ILAV with robotic arm        
MM-R221 Israeli Namera recovery vehcle        
MM-R222 VBL Milan        
MM-R224 AMX-10 P        
MM-R226 VBCI VPC        
MM-R227 AMX-10 P PAC 90mm
MM-R228AMX-10 P VOA (armored)
MM-R230AMX-10 P (armored)
MM-R231AMX-30 Roland
MM-R232Leclerc TROP (UAE)
MM-R233Leclerc OPFORfor Revell kit
MM-R235Leclerc AZUR
MM-W001 Staghound Crusader        
MM-W002 Staghound Crusader 2 kits      
MM-W003 Staghound AEC 2 kits      
MM-W004 Staghound AEC        
MM-W005 Staghound AEC + Crusader        

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MM-R002 Roadwheels for T-54/55, Azcharit, Tyra 10 wheels
MM-R003 Roadwheels for Merkava 1 and 3, Azcharit The website says that the kit number is MM-C003, but that is most likely a typo.
MM-R004 Roadwheels for T-54/55, Azcharit. 10 wheels, used rubber tyres.
MM-R005 Starship roadwheels for Magach, Akrav, ... 14 wheels      
MM-R006 Roadwheels for Merkava 2 and 3 12 wheels      
MM-R007 Metal roadwheels for Merkava. 12 wheels (of which 2 'spider')      
MM-R009 Spyder roadwheels for Merkava.        
MM-R011 Roadwheels for Merkava.        
MM-R012 Roadwheels for Merkava III.        
MM-R014 Figures and Material Supply Limited edition. 2 Fuel drums, 8 jerrycans, 2 figures, 4 boxes, 4 bags. (For M-325)      
MM-R026 Hemtt Wheels        
MM-R033 Hummer wheels set 2        
MM-R034 Hummer Wheels set 1        
MM-R047 Figures and Material for M-50 Sherman        


Merkava tracks for Magach        


T-54/55 tracks For Trumpeter/PST      


M-113 tracks For Trumpeter      


Tracks for T-34 and T-34 based vehicles        
MM-R114 Wheels for M-34 (6 parts)        
MM-R115 Wheels for AML-90 (5 parts)        
MM-R116 Wheels for Buffalo (8 parts)        
MM-R128 Wheels for AMX-10 RC        
MM-R135 Wheels for VAB (type 1)        
MM-R136 Wheels for VAB (type 2)        
MM-R147Boxer wheelsfor Revell kit   
MM-R153IDF Tank accessories - set 2    
MM-R154IDF Tank accessories - set 1    
MM-R163VBCI accessories    
MM-R169VBCI Interiorfor Model Miniature kit   
MM-R170T-34 wheels    
MM-R172M-48/60 Patton wheelsfor Esci/Italeri   
MM-R173AMX-30 wheelsfor Heller   
MM-R174AMX-30 tracks - type 1for Heller   
MM-R175M-48/60 Patton tracksfor Esci/Italeri   
MM-R177VAB wheels with chains    
MM-R180VAB T20-13 correction set    
MM-R181VAB CB-127 correction set    
MM-R225AMX-10 P accessoriesfor Model Miniature kit   

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles


IDF Memugan Hammer markings water slide decals      


IDF 1948 and 1950's markings water slide decals      


M325 Nun Nun markings water slide decals      


Lebanese Forces and SLA water slide decals      
MM-D007 VBCI marking (Afghanistan, Lebanon, OPEX) water slide decals      
MM-D008 VBCI marking (Malian War) water slide decals      
MM-D009 AMX-10 RCR marking water slide decals      
MM-D010 AMX10 SEPAR marking (Afghanistan/ Malian War) water slide decals      
MM-D011 Buffalo in French serice (Afghanistan) water slide decals      
MM-D012 VBCI VPC markings water slide decals      
MM-D013 French modern AFV markingswater slide decals

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MM-A001 Posters for Hezbollah.
Paper. 42 posters, 3 flags, 2 portraits of ayatollah Khomeini and a stylized leaflet of Hassan Nasrallah
MM-A002 Posters for PSNS (Parti social nationaliste syrien) Paper. 58 posters of which one of Antoun Saadé and one of Sana Khyadali.
MM-A003 Posters for Bashir Gemayel Paper. 68 posters and 3 posters about the "Leadeur des FL" and the Lebanese president.
MM-A004 Posters for Hamas Paper. 40 posters, 4 flags and two propaganda posters about Gilad Shalit.
MM-A006 IDF Ration-K boxes (modern)        
MM-A007 IDF Ration-K boxes (1960-70s)        
MM-C001 5 concrete blocks (3.5 cm wide) for defensive position or road-block Ceramics.      
MM-C002 5 concrete blocks (9cm high) for separation wall Ceramics.      
MM-C003 5 concrete blocks (6.5cm high) for separation wall Ceramics.      
MM-C004 5 concrete blocks (3cm high) for defensive position or road-block Ceramics.      
MM-C005 5 concrete blocks (1 cm high) for defensive position or road-block Ceramics.      
MM-C006 5 concrete blocks (3cm high, 2cm wide) for defensive position or road-block Ceramics.      
MM-C007 Israeli defense tower Ceramics. Includes 4 concrete blocks, 1 tower, 3 sets of sandbags.      
MM-C008 Islamic Minaret Ceramics.      


Stained glass for Middle-east Church printed foil      
MM-R114 Concrete block (road version)        
MM-R115 Concrete block (defensive)        
MM-R126 Road signs (for different historic periods)        
MM-R141Middle East Building    
MM-R142Sailing Boat    
MM-R143Cubic concrete blocks    
MM-R236Concrete block (defensive) - set 23 pieces

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MM-R022 Arab soldiers - set 1 5 figures      
MM-R023 Mercenaries 5 figures      
MM-R038 IDF Soldiers - set 1 5 figures      
MM-R057 Polish soldiers Iraq War 6 figures      
MM-R071 IDF Soldiers - set 2 5 figures      
MM-R073 Lebanese War soldiers        
MM-R074 IDF Soldiers - set 3        
MM-R075 Arab soldiers - set 2        
MM-R079 IDF Soldiers - set 4        
MM-R080 Israeli Riot Police        
MM-R121 Modern French soldiers (Afghan and Malian war)        
MM-R124 Israeli Soldiers        
MM-R127 French soldiers (with Milan ATGM)        
MM-R144 Modern French soldiers FAMAS 5 figures      
MM-R159 French tank crew & material 1990's        
MM-R168Modern French soldiers - set 4    
MM-R203Modern French soldiers - set 5    
MM-R211US modern Anti-IED device, antennae & tank crew    

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