Minimali Productions
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Diorama items from the Czech Republic.

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
001 Wooden office furniture Resin kit      
002 Wooden boxes Resin kit      
003 Wooden toilet - latrine Resin kit      
004 Post with posters Resin & printed paper      
005 WW2 Propaganda posters Printed paper      
006 Wooden farmers cart Resin kit      
007 Metal barrels (2 types) Resin kit      
008 Bedroom furniture Resin kit      
009 Staff maps Printed paper      
012 Water well Resin kit      
013 Propaganda posters WW2 (Germany, Italy)        
016 Commercial posters WW2        
021 Kitchen furniture & equipment Resin kit      
024 Wooden Corral Resin kit      
025 Fence with Underpinning Resin kit      
033 Wooden Cart for two Horses Resin kit      
041 Carpets Printed paper      

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Diorama List last updated 09 August 2012