MH Models
From Germany. As far as we know, this company shares the same name as the Czech Republic based MH Models, though there appers to be no connection between the two manufacturers.

Resin Kits
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
7201 MAZ-537 G Tank Transporter      
7202 G-5 Cargo Truck w/Wood Bed      
7203 G-5 Tanker Truck      
7204 Sachsenring P-3 Car      
7205 AT-T Artillery Tractor      
7206 T-44-100 Soviet Tank      
7207 Teski Tenk Vosilo A      
7208 BTU-55 T-55 Dozer Blade    
7209 T-54 T Training Tank      
7210 T-54 Model 1946      

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72B004Inclined Road in Rocks (ready made)Plaster
72B005Trench in Rocks (ready made)Plaster
72B010Concrete airfiled base (ready made)Plaster
72B015Cobblestone Street (ready made)Plaster
72B022Trench in Rocks (ready made)Plaster
72N002Street with StairsPlaster
72N004Inclined Road in RocksPlaster
72N005Trench in RocksPlaster
72N007Road in RocksPlaster
72N011Concrete airfield basePlaster
72N014Cobblestone Street (ready made)Plaster
72N015Cobblestone StreetPlaster
72N017Road in Rocks with ChapelPlaster
72N019Street with RuinPlaster
72N021Trench in RocksPlaster

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Kit list last updated 26 November 2014