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Matchbox is well known for an extensive line of 1/76th scale kits. But the last kits released by this company were the forerunners of the Revell AG. line of kits, and were [ostensibly] in 1/72nd scale. The copyright on these kits is 1994 by Revell AG., so Revell owned the molds, but the kits were first released under the Matchbox label.

Most of the following kits were all later released under the Monogram and Revell labels; all previous Matchbox kits are 1/76th scale. Also produced a line of figures.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments
40179 M-1 Abrams Never released by Revell.
40180 Sturmgeschutz IV See Revell AG.
40181 Sherman M4A1 76mm See Revell AG.
40182 Leopard 2 A4 See Revell AG.
40183 T-80 B Soviet Main Battle Tank See Revell AG.

Molds now owned by Revell AG. Figures are very small, some are even smaller than 1/76th. Comments are from Ricardo Haddad.
Kit Number Kit Name





5001 British Infantry - WW II 1/76th. Very primitive kit and poses. Badly sculpted helmets.      
5002 German Infantry - WW II 1/76th. Beginning of the war. Some weapons are strange to me, like the sub-machinegun. Nicely sculpted Field Marshall
(could be Rommel).
5003 US Infantry - WW II 1/76th - Nice kit and many poses, nicely sculpted and useful. Good for NW Europe (Summer uniforms).      
5004 Afrika Korps - WW II 1/76th. Good kit. Some poses nicely detailed. Matches with Airfix kits. Also suitable for Italy. Rommel included.      
5005 British 8th Army - WW II 1/76th Good kit. Some unusual poses. Includes Scottish infantry and Monty.      
5006 British Commandos - WW II 1/76th or even smaller. Matches perfectly with Airfix British infantry commandos. Poses are close to airfix BBritish commandos. although small, they are highly detailed figures.      
5007 Japanese Infantry - WW II 1/76th. The poses are almost the same as Revell's, with the exception of caps/helmets (most were changed). The poses are good, but unfortunately faceless.      
5008 ANZAC Infantry - WW II 1/76th. Excellent figures. Matches with Airfix Australian. Different poses, including a nice donkey, MGs and mortar.      
5009 NATO Paratroops - WW II 1/72nd, although the box states 1/76th. One of the best Matchbox sets. Nice for conflicts in the 1970s and early 1980s. Many poses and typical British equipment, weapons and uniforms.      

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