la Maquette Historique
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Resin kits from France.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
150 Vetra Locotractor 60cm Military Gauge - as used in the Maginot Line underground railroad    
151 Flatcar, Northeastern type A 60cm Military Gauge - hooks onto Locotractor or Type B Wagon    
152 Flatcar, Northeastern type B 60cm Military Gauge - hooks onto Locotractor or Type A Wagon    
153 15cm AA Projector      
156 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Sfl Maultier (SdKfz 4/1)      
157 DAF M39 Type 3 Armored Car / PzSpWg 201(h)      
158 R35 Turret (47 mm Gun) and mounting plate      
159 15cm SKC/36 Krupp/Skoda Gun in Turret for M272 Bunker      
161 Rommel's armoured truck AEC      
162 Pommelet remote controlled tracked vehicle      
163 Saurer RK7, SdKfz 254 - Afrika Korps version      
164 Panzerfahrer German wading vehicle, designed  for Operation Barbarossa    

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Kit list last updated 25 March 2009