Kingfisher Miniatures
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Resin manufacturer from the UK. Kingfisher Miniatures was previously known as Continental Model Supply Co. (CMSC) and is primarily a manufacturer of 1/76 scale items, though they do produce some 1/72 scale conversion sets.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
CO-01Revell Challenger 1 conversion to Challenger 2 setComplete Replacement turret.
CO-02Challenger 2 hull conversion setReplacement metal tracks, hooks, lights, brackets, tow cable, etc.
CO-03Revell Warrior upgrade setAdd-on armour, drivers hatch, rear wall with opening door, smoke dischargers, turret stowage boxes, aerial bases.
CO-04Warrior Command Vehicle FV511 conversion setRear wall, telescopic aerials, smoke dischargers, aerial bases, stowage boxes.
CO-05Warrior Artillery Observation Post FV514 conversion setRear wall, Mstar radar and mast, rear bins, turret stowage boxes, smoke dischargers etc.
CO-07Revell Fuchs APC to British NBC versionMay be built in several configurations not including latest.
CO-09Revell Warrior Up-armour setSide and front armour, turret stowage boxes, smoke dischargers, aerial bases.
CO-10Operation Telic (Iraq 2003) recognition panels sets2 sets for Challenger, 2 for Warrior and 4 for other vehicles.
CO-11Operation Telic Up-armour conversion for Revell ChallengerFor use with KFOR Challenger kit no. 03120. Side armour and sand skirts, exhaust muffler, new toolboxes, rear mud flaps, canvas screens and recognition panels.
CO-12Revell Challenger 1 conversion to Operation Telic Challenger 2 setFor use with KFOR Challenger kit no. 03120. Comprises sets CO-01, CO-02 and CO-11.
CO-13Warrior Repair Vehicle FV512 conversion setNew hull, crane, etc. to use with the Revell kit.
CO-15Challenger bulldozer bladeWill fit both the Revell and Dragon models.
CO-16Challenger ARRV (Rhino) conversion setNew hull, crane, bulldozer blade etc. to use with the Revell kit.
CO-17Revell Bradley upgrade setSmoke dischargers, stowage.
CO-19Trumpeter AS-90 upgrade setReplacement smoke dischargers, ammunition boxes, aerial base, GPMG and mount, mirrors and stowage for roof basket (two options).
CO-20Revell Special Forces HMMWV conversion kitNew roof, smoke dischargers, spare wheel, fuel/water cans, machine guns and lots of stowage.

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Kit list last updated 01 September 2009