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Limited-run kits from Ukraine. Out of production. I am unaware of any specific numbering scheme. These kits were also released in Europe under the label JUMTK.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
  Strela-1/BRDM-2 Very poor model. Plastic parts are almost unusable. Perhaps best used as the basis for a scratch building project. Includes some photoetched brass, which looks like it had a good pattern, but was not etched completely through. Also includes a cast metal cannon barrel of mediocre quality.
  T-72 Very poor model. Essentially unbuildable. Plastic is very thick, with heavy flash; small parts are indistinguishable from the flash. Tracks are garbage, and I question the shape of the turret. Looks too wide to me. I have heard that the Galaxy kit is much better, and the Modelkrak kit is better yet.
  ASU-85 I have heard second-hand that this is also an extremely poor kit. Sounds just as bad as their T-72. The ARMO and ACE kits are much better.

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Kit list last updated: 17 August 2008