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Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
7208 S-75 Volkhov SA-2 Guideline SAM with launcher      
7209 S-125 Neva SA-3 Goa SAM with quad launcher   Al Magnus  
7210 S-200 Angara SA-5 Gammon SAM      
7212 GAZ-39371 Vodnik The first model of this new Russian Hummer Preview     
7213 GAZ-39371 BRDM Vodnik        
7214 GAZ-39371 BTR Vodnik        
72304 S-125 Petchora SA-3 Goa SAM on twin launcher      
G72310S-200 "Angara"
G72311S-200V "Vega"
G72320Rapier FSA/FSB1 SAM
G72321Rapier FSA/FSB2 SAM
72505 GAZ-69        
72522Ural 4320 with ZU 23x2
72612 ZU-23-2 AA gun        
GR72Rk001Ship Anti-Aircraft missile system SA-N-4 Geckoresin
GR72Rk002SAM "SeaCat"resin
GR72Rk003SAM "Sea Sparrow"resin
GR72Rk004SAM "Sea Wolf"resin
GR72rk006Missile System Launcher GIANT BOW-IIplastic & resin
GR72Rk012Anti-aircraft gun IJN Type 96 25 mmresin
GR72Rk01582 mm bzk vz.59 recoilless gunresin
GR72Rk016Anti-Aircraft Gun 100 mm KS-19resin
GR72Rk019Radar Dagger 2000resin
GR72Rk021All-terrain Military Vehicle GAZ-69Aresin
GR72Rk024Gaz-69 Milisiaresin
GR72Rk026GAZ-69 & 82mm BZK vz.59
GR72Rk027GAZ-69 & GAZ-704
GR72Rk034Naval Anti-Aircraft Gun BH 40 mm Rolls-Royceresin
GR72Rk037Armored capsule on the Ural 4320 "Zvezda-V"resin
GR72Rk038Armored body for Ural carresin

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Kit list last updated 05 January 2022