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The majority of the early Fujimi kits are 1/76 scale rather than 1/72, but there are apparently exceptions. If anybody cares to write additional reviews of 1/76 Fujimi kits which can be demonstrated to be close to 1/72nd, we would be happy to post them here.

In 2010 Fujimi has started releasing genuine 1/72 kits.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
ML(01)/722238 Opel Blitz truck        
ML(02)/722276 Opel Blitz truck with camo decals        
ML(03)/722306 Japanese JGSDF Type 10    Preview    
ML(04)/722313 Opel Blitz Box Body        
ML(05)/722320 Opel Blitz Fuel Tanker        
ML(06)/722337 Opel Blitz with Flak38        
ML(07)/722344 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I early version        
ML(08)/722375 Japanese JGSDF Type 10 Prototype with Dozer        
ML(09)/722382 JGSDF Type 72 3.5t Military Transport Truck        
ML(10)/722399 JGSDF Type 10 Tank prototype        
ML(11)/722405 JGSDF Type 73 3.1/2t Truck with Missile Launcher includes Type 81 Surface-to-Air missiles      
ML(12)/722412 JGSDF Type 73 3.1/2t Truck with Missile Fire Control        
ML(13)/722429 JGSDF Type 10 Tank production model        
ML(14)/722436 JGSDF Type 10 Tank production model        
ML(15)/722443 JGSDF Type 10 Tank production model with Dozer        
722948/72294 JGSDF Type 87 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun   Preview    
76049/SWA16 Sturmgeschutz III Ausf D. Incorrectly scaled kit. It is too wide for 1/76th, but too short for 1/72nd. Jim Matthiessin provides a preview discussing how to modify the kit to 1/72nd. Preview      

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