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This company (from the UK) produces resin and brass detail sets for aircraft, and a range of 1/76 vehicles under their Firing Line label, but they do offer the following airfield diorama equipment in white metal and etched brass in 1/72 scale.

Kits - Metal
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
FL-MV-005Ford WOA2 Staff Car
FL-MV-006aHumber Heavy Utility 'Battle-axe' Staff Car
  Fordson N RAF Tractor        
FP-72-070h RAF Eager Beaver Fork Lift Truck        
  Thompson TB3 Gas and Oil Trailer Includes Fordson N RAF Tractor      
  Bowser Gasoline Trailer        
  Thompson TB3 Petrol & Oil Tender        

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
  RAF/USAAF Airfield Dispersal Set        
  Nissen Hut with Rendered Ends        
  Nissen Hut with Plank-on-Frame Ends        
  Small WWII Airfield Hut/Picket Post        
  Large WWII Airfield Hut        
  Large WWII Airfield Hut Extension Set        
  Airfield Air Raid and Blast Shelter Set        
  Airfield Blast Shelter - Open Maze Type        
  WW2 Single Engined Aircraft Fighter Pens In left-handed and right-handed version      
  WW2 Control Tower kit        
  Control Tower Interior and Details Set        
  Fire Section Hut        
  Night Flying Equipment Store        
  PSP Airfield Planking        
  Trolley Accumulator Set Includes four aircraft starters in three styles      
  RAF & USAAF WW2 Bomb Train Set Includes 2 x Type 'B' Bomb Trolleys (with 4 x 250lb GP bombs & 2 x 500lb bombs) 3 x RAF Type 'C' Bomb Trolleys (with 4 x USAAF 500lb bombs, 4 x RAF 500lb bombs & a second load of both US & RAF 500 pound bombs), 1 x RAF Type ‘C.Mk.III’ Bomb Trolley (with 2 x 1,000lb MC bombs)      
  RAF Type D Bomb Trolley With one 4,000lb 'Cookie' bomb      
  Torpedo Handling Trolley With torpedo      
FP-72-070c RAF Oxygen/Nitrogen Trolley Set        
FP-72-070g RAF Type 'Y' Weapon Loader Set With both missile and bomb cradles      
  RAF/USAAF Airfield Cycles        
  RAF Diorama Set Modern      
FP-72-070b Airfield Hazard Fencing Modern      
FP-72-070d MK.5 Electrical Starter Trolley        
FP-72-070e RAF 25kVA 'Houchin' Ground Power Unit        
FP-72-070f RAF Tornado 48kVa Ground Power Unit        
  RAF Type 'Y' Weapon Loader Set        
  Four Bay Portakabin 1970-80      
  Air Show Display Set        
MMP-LS-003 Four Bay Portable Cabin        

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Kit list last updated: 08 April 2016