Favorit Kit
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Resin kits. Favorit Kit seems to be the successor to WSW.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
B2-72-001 EBR 75 FL10 Turret Ex WSW kit. See WSW    
B2-72-002 EBR 90 FL11 Turret Ex WSW kit.      
B2-72-003 AMX 13 FL10 Turret Ex WSW kit. See WSW    
B2-72-004 AMX 13 DCA 30mm Twin AA turret Ex WSW kit.      
B2-72-005 AMX 30D ARC Ex WSW kit.       
B2-72-006 AMX 30 Roland Ex WSW kit.      
B2-72-007 M-41 Walker Bulldog   Preview    

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Kit list last updated 11 August 2010