FanKit Models
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Resin kits from Romania. The owner is ex-co-owner of Wespe.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 Mercedes Benz LOD3750 KS25 Fire Truck        
72002a GMC AFKWX 353 C.O.E with covered bed        
72002b GMC AFKWX 353 C.O.E with open bed        
72003 M43 8inch Howitzer Motor Carriage        
72004 Ward LaFrance        
72005 Faun L912/45A Truck        
72006 Faun L912 / Gleitkipper 5050A        
72007 Planierraupe 60PS        
72008 Crossley Fire Tender        
72009 Willeme C.G. 8x4        
72010 M19 40mm G.M.C.        
72011 M5A1 High-Speed Tractor        
72012 Vomag 7 OR 660 mit 8.8cm Flak 18 (Sf.)        
72013 Mercedes Benz L 4500 TLF 25        
72014 Chevrolet CMP C60S 4x4 Wrecker        
72015 SU14 BR2 Heavy Tank        
72016 Faun L908 ATW Fuel Tanker 12000ltr        
72018 Renault AHS 2ton 4x2 cargo        


Gaz AA Ambulance        


Albion CX22S Heavy Artilery Tractor 6x4        


Breda 41 Recovery Heavy Tractor 4x4

72023Chevrolet CMP C60L
72024Brockway B666 6x6 Bridge Erector
72026Mercedes-Benz L1500S

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Kit list last updated: 25 August 2014