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Limited run resin kits from Japan. These appear to be soley for the Japanese domestic market. The majority of the information in this list kindly provided by Dan Kanemitsu. We would be interested in hearing from anyone with further information on this manufacturer.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
1Komatsu Ltd. Type 87 Reconnaissance Patrol Car (post-WW2)
3IJA Type 1 Medium Tank
8Spanish Armored Car
9Vickers 6 ton Mk.E in Thai service
10 Type 95 Heavy Tank, No.1 Preview
11Turan 1 Medium Tank
14Russian T-28B
16Manchukuo Type 93 Armored Car
18Nahuel DL43 Jaguar
19Type 89B medium tank (standard type)
20 Japanese Tank Chi-Nu Type 3 Preview
21Vickers Crossley Armored Car in IJN service
25Spanish Verdeja Tank No.1
30Japanese Light Tank KE-95
31Japanese Armored truckManchukuo army Austin Armored car
34Special Type Guard Car F3used in Asama Mountain Villa incident
35Special Type Guard Car F2used in Asama Mountain Villa incident
36Ho-Ki Type 1 Tracked APC
36Type 1 Rail Armored Car
37Wolseley CP Armored Car
15cm sIG 33
AMP amphbious tank
AMP amphibious combat car (IJA)
Armored Car SetContains 2 vehicles: Experimental Light Armored car and Renault 6 Wheel Armored Car
Char 2C
Crossley M29 Armored Car type 1930
Experimental Light Armored Car
IJA Armored Craft (AB Craft)
IJA Set 1includes Type 1 halftrack and Type 4 Small Transport
IJA Set 2includes SR I-Type Amphibian Tank and Austin Model 31 Roadster
IJA Set 3includes experimental armored car and Renault Armored Car
Japanese Amphibian Tank IJA type 1937 and M31 Staff Car Preview
Japanese APC Halftrack 'Ho-Ha' with Toyota AK-10 Prototype Jeep Preview
JSDF Material Truck
Landsverk L182
Manchukuo Austin Armored Car
Manchukuo BA-10 Armored Car
Manchukuo Type 93 Armored Car
Romanian R-35/45
Renault 6 Wheel Armored Car
Russian Landesa adhoc Tank
Shi-Ri Heavy Tank
Skoda PA-III,0Avz.27 Armored Car
T-26E (Russian)
T-26E OT-133 variant
T-34/85 Turret only
Town Model Store Setincludes German Trippel amphibious vehicle
Type 3 Chinu Medium Tank
Type 5 Medium Tank
Type 5 To-ku Nakikatei (Amphibian Tank)
Type 87 Recon/Surveillance Car (JGSDF)
Type 89 Kou Medium Tank
Type 89 Otsu Medium Tank
Type 92 Heavy Armored Car
Type 92 Heavy Armored Car (actually a tankette)
Type 92 heavy armored car (late type)
Type 93 6-wheeled motor transport
Type 95 Light Tank
Vickers MBT Mk.I (Kuwaiti version)
Wolseley Makeshift Armored Car
Wolseley Postal Armored Car

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Kit list last updated 17 November 2012