Custom Dioramics
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Custom Dioramics started in Winnipeg, Canada. It was purchased by VLS, which was subsequently purchased by MMD/Squadron, whom has pretty much killed it off. Masterpiece Models has since gotten a hold of a few of their molds and have re-released a few of the Custom Dioramics sets.
Most sets were in 1/35, but some diorama items were in 1/72. We were only able to trace a few of them.
In 2017, Jose Rodriguez (owner of Tiger Productions) has purchased the Custom Dioramics line from MMD/Squadron, with the intention of bringing out the resin items.

Diorama Items
Resin sets. This list is perhaps not complete.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
CD8001 European Farmhouse Ruin

The set comes with a base and walls for the building. Detail is only present on the front of the walls, but quality is quite high.

  Rob Haelterman  
CD8003 Desert & Highway Base        
CD8004 Tarmac-like Concrete Section        
CD8007 Government Building Ruin        
CD8008 Office Building        
CD8009 Cobblestone Sidewalk        
CD8010 Wooden Trestle Bridge        
CD8021 European Masonry Bridge     Rob Haelterman  
CD8023 1/72 Urban Street Intersection        
CD-313 Barrels and Crates        
CD5015 WWII Carrier Deck        

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Kit list last updated: 26 May 2013