Ca.Ma. Models
(Campana Mauro) Formerly Dream Models.Resin kits and conversions from Italy. CA.MA. also markets some accessory sets.

Thanks to Lorenzo Tonioli for the kit list.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
CM72001 Fiat Ansaldo Medium Tank M14/41      
CM72002 Fiat Ansaldo Semovente 75/18      
CM72003 Sherman M4A3 76 mm      
CM72004 Sherman M4A3 105 mm      
CM72005 Sherman M4A3 JUMBO      
CM72006 M 113 ACAV      
CM72007 M 113 APC      
CM72008 M 113 Mortar carrier      
CM72009 M 10 Tank Destroyer      
CM72010 Achilles Tank Destroyer      
CM72011 Fiat Ansaldo Medium Tank M13/14      
CM72012 Fiat Ansaldo Semovente 75/18-M40      
CM72013 Sherman M4A3E8 HVSS 105 mm      
CM72014 Sherman M4A3E8 HVSS 76 mm      
CM72071 Jumbo Sherman Conversion Turret      
CM72072 M4A3 – M4A1 76 mm Conversion Turret      
CM72073 M4A3 105 mm Conversion Turret      
CM72074 Pz. IV ausf F1 – F2 Conversion Turret      
CM72075 Sherman Composite Hull - Conversion      

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
CM72031 Italian Fuel Cans      
CM72032 German Fuel Cans      
CM72033 US Fuel Cans      
CM72034 Fuel Drums      
CM72035 Boxes      
CM72036 Boxes, buckets, rolls, tarps      

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