Brach Model
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Resin kits from Italy. Brach also markets a small line of resin AFV accessories and decals.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
BM-7201 Semovente M42 75/18    
BM-7202 Semovente M42 75/34    
BM-7205Italian M 15/42 detail set
BM-7206Carro M42 Command detail set
BM-7207 Semovente M43 75/46    
BM-7208 Semovente M43 105/25 Bassotto    
BM-7209 Semovente M43 75/34 late version    
BM-7210 Semovente M43 75/34 early version    
BM-7213Cannon 149A
BM-7214FIAT 15 TER
BM-7215FIAT 18 BL
BM-7216Fiat 500 "Topolino"
BM-7217Semovente 105/14 self-propelled FT17 conv. set
BM-7219Ansaldo 90/53 self-propelled
BM-7243 Armoured car FIAT 6614 Polizia        
WG-001 Semovente M42 75/18 & 75/34 combo kit / wargaming    
WG-004 Semovente M43 105/25 Bassotto & 75/34 early combo kit / wargaming    
WG-005 Semovente M43 75/46 & 75/34 late combo kit / wargaming    

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
BM-7203 Italian & German Jerry Cans 30 single-piece resin fuel cans.      
BM-7204 Tracks for Italian M-series Tanks Resin tracks molded in lengths of different sizes. Enough for one tank.      
BM-7211Italian motor vehicles badge

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
BM-D7201German vehicles in French service 1944/45
BM-D7202Citroen traction 11CV
BM-D7203Renault R35
BM-D7204WW2 German HQ
BM-D7205WW2 French vehicles in German service

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