From France. These are actually produced by Mach 2, which is well known for limited-run aircraft kits.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AR 01 LCVP        
AR 02 Panzerzug BP 44 Armored Train Includes Locomotive, tender and 5 wagons.      
AR 02B Panzerzug BP 44 Add-on Set Includes tender and 5 more wagons to make a complete train.      
AR 03 LCA        
AR 04 V-1s & Launch Site Also includes launch pad, emplacement, ramp & handling dollies      
AR 05 LCVT-6        
AR 06 PBR 31 Mk.II Pibber Vietnam River Boat   Preview    

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Kit list last updated 01 April 2011