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Resin and brass kits from Italy. AP also markets a series of resin and metal accessories, figures and diorama items. AP Models have expanded their kit line adding new items mainly aimed at the wargamer, though they do still continue to offer, and expand, their previous model kit line under a new numbering system.

Two lists are presented, the first being their offerings under the old numbering system, the second with the new numbering system.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
72001 Canadian Tank Ram II      
72004 L6/40 Light Tank      
72017 Armoured Car Rolls-Royce Model 1924 Mk. I      
72019 Armoured Car Rolls-Royce Model 1924 Mk. II      
72026 Reconnaisance Car Lince (Linx)      
72028 Autocaretta OM 32/35   Preview  
72029 Autocaretta OM 36 P Type 1   Preview  
72030 Autocaretta OM 36 P Type 2      
72031 Autocaretta OM 36Mt      
72035 Semovente L-40 47/32      
72036 Semovente L-40 47/32 Platoon Commander      
72037 Semovente L-40 47/32 Company Commander      
72041 L6/40 Flamethrower Tank      
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
AFV 72001 Canadian Tank Ram II   Preview  
AFV 72004 L6/40 Light Tank      
AFV 72010 Israeli M3 White "Scout Car Sandwich"      
AFV 72017 Armoured Car Rolls-Royce Model 1924 Mk. I      
AFV 72019 Armoured Car Rolls-Royce Model 1924 Mk. II      
AFV 72026 Reconnaisance Car Lince (Linx)      
AFV 72028 OM 32/35 Truck      
AFV 72029 OM 36P Type 1 Truck      
AFV 72030 OM 36P Type 2 Truck      
AFV 72031 OM 36Mt Truck      
AFV 72035 Semovente L-40 47/32      
AFV 72036 Semovente L-40 47/32 Platoon Commander      
AFV 72037 Semovente L-40 47/32 Company Commander      
AFV 72039 Fiat 508 CM Coloniale Car      
AFV 72041 L6/40 Flamethrower Tank      
GER 01NebelwerferWargaming series.
ITA 02L-6/40 TankWargaming series.
RUS 03T-37 TankWargaming series.
UK 04AEC MK II Armoured CarWargaming series.
UK 05AEC MK III Armoured CarWargaming series.
ITA 06L6-47/32 SemoventeWargaming series.
ITA 06 bisL6-47/32 with CrewWargaming series.
UK 07Tetrarch MK.I TankWargaming series.
UK 0860-C.W.D. Truck Covered BedWargaming series.
UK 08 bis60-C.W.D. Truck Open BedWargaming series.
ITA 09SPA 35 Truck ""Dovunque" Covered CabWargaming series.
ITA 09 bisSPA 35 Truck ""Dovunque" Open CabWargaming series.
ITA 10AS-43 Sahariana - 47/32Conversion kit containing 47mm 47/32 gun. Wargaming series.
ITA 11AS-37 Truck with 47/32Wargaming series.
FRA 12Renault R-35 TankWargaming series.
GER 13Flak 3.7cmWargaming series.
ITA 14M-11/39 TankWargaming series.
ITA 15M-13/40 3rd Series Tank Wargaming series.
ITA 16M-13/40 Semovnte 75/18 3rd Series Wargaming series.
ITA 17M-13/40 Comando 3rd Series Command Tank Wargaming series.
USA 18Staghound Mk.II Armoured CarWargaming series.
UK 19Morris Mk. II Reconnaissance CarWargaming series.
USA 20M3 A3 Reconnaissance CarWargaming series.
USA/UK 21Staghound Mk.III Armoured CarWargaming series.
ITA 22M-14/41 TankWargaming series.
ITA 23M-14/41 Command Tank with 13.2mm MGWargaming series.
ITA 24M-14/41 Semovente 75/18Wargaming series.
GER 2515cm sFH13/1(Sf) Geschutzwagen Lorraine Schlepper (f)Wargaming series.
CN 0115inch "Rodman" gun on turntableUS Civil War 1861/65
CN 0213inch "Dictator" mortar with cannon ballsUS Civil War 1861/65
CN 03Italian 47mm 47/32 "Elefantino" anti-tank gun
TA 01Parrott Railway GunUS Civil War 1861/65
TA 0213inch "Dictator" mortar on railcarsUS Civil War 1861/65
TA 04Polish "Ti 3-12" Armored Locomotive

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
AC 72002Modern US Army Infantry Equipment
AC 72003WWI Provisions
AC 72004German WWII Jerry Cans
AC 72005WWII Provisions
AC 72006Barrels
AC 72007Kegs
AC 72008Large Provision Boxes
AC 72009Small Provision Boxes
AC 72010English Field Provisions
AC 72011European Train Track - gauge metre. 143522cm. long.
AC 72019English Equipment and Provisions
AC 72020Bent/Crushed Drums
AC 72021Modern IDF/USA Jerricans
AC 7202438cm rocket for Sturmtiger
AC 72027Spoked Wheels for M4 Sherman12 pieces.
AV 42Israeli Concrete Street Obstacles3 pieces.
CV 72001Ti-67/Tiran 5To make Israeli Ti-67/Tiran 5 from T-54/55. No base kit specified.
CV 72002M4 Sherman Deep Fording system
CV 72004Vents for Pz.Kfw. V Ausf. G Panther
CV 72005T-55 First Modernization
CV 72006T-34/85 turretContains aluminium barrel.
CV 72007KV-2 Late Version turret
CV 72008T-55/T-62 wheel setComplete 28 piece set.
CV 72009BCIS (Battlefield Combat Identification System) for USA/GB combat vehicles in Iraq
CV 72010CV-33 Flamethrower Ethiopia 1935-36
CV 72011CV-33/35 Flamethrower with Trailer
CV 72012Churchill "Petard"
CV 72013Churchill MK.IV NA75 with 75mm gunContains aluminum barrel.
CV 72014Churchill MK.IV
CV 72015Churchill MK.V CS with 95mm gun
CV 72016Sdkfz.11 wheel setFor Italeri kit.
GB 001T-34/85 gunMetal Barrel.
GB 00247mm gun 47/32 for M13 or M14Metal Barrel.
GB 00347mm gun 47/40 for M15/42Metal Barrel.
GB 00475mm gun 75/34 for M42 semoventeMetal Barrel.
FI 001German Star AntennaPhoto-etched.
FI 003Sand ChannelsPhoto-etched.

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
AN01 Asian Elefant 10 pieces.    
AN02 Dromedario      
AN03 Pecore (Sheep)      
AN04 Maiale (Pigs)      
AN72025 Dead Horse      
AC 72012 Mail Boxes 10 pieces.    
AC 72013 Large concrete Balustrade Columns      
AC 72014 Small concrete Balustrade Columns      
AC 72015 Sofa and Chairs      
AC 72016 Table      
AC 72017 Bed      
AC 72018 Office Furnishings      
AC 72022 Crucifix      
AC 72023 Rural Crucifix      
RK 01 Smooth Cliff      
RK 02 Rough Cliff      
RK 03 Smooth Cliff      
RK 04 Rough Cliff      
FI 01 Arredi Urbani Photo-etch parts to embellish a house: café signboard, municipal numbers, manhole covers. Typically seen in France.    
HP 03 Ruins No.1      
HP 04 Indochina Vegitation (all scales) 6 pieces.    
HP 04 Bis Indochina Vegitation (all scales) 3 pieces.    
HP 05 Cane Plants      
HP 06 Plaster Detritus      
HP 07 Indian Cactus Also seen in Southern Europe and Northern Africa. Resin.    
HP 08 Shingled Slab Roof 22cm. x 10cm.    
AV 01 Antique street lamp (Lampioni in stile 800) 3 lamp posts. 19th century style. White metal and PE, but no clear parts for the glass.    
AV 02 Water Fountains 4 fountains in 2 styles in resin.    
AV 03 Emplacement for "Dictator" mortar Resin and Photo-etched.    
AV 04 Log barricade 1 piece Resin.    
AV 05 Sandbag Wall with 8 bags Plaster.    
AV 06 Park Wall 4 pieces in plaster.    
AV 07 Emplacement with Wicker Basket Wall Resin.    
AV 08 Gun Emplacement No.1 Resin.    
AV 09 Gun Emplacement No.2 Resin.    
AV 10 Large Buddha Resin.    
AV 11 Medium Buddha Resin.    
AV 12 Small Buddha Resin.    
AV 15 Bathroom Furnishings Set      
AV 16 Study Furnishings Set      
AV 17 Large House ruins Plaster.    
AV 18 Well with pump Plaster and resin.    
AV 19 Portion of derelect house diroccata with tiles Plaster.    
AV 20 Temple with Buddha Suitable for 1/72 or 1/35 scales.    
AV 21 Derelect Building Facade Plaster.    
AV 22 High walls - 15/25 milimeter scale 2 pieces.    
AV 23 Wood Fence No.2 - 15/25 milimeter scale      
AV 24 Sandbag Barricade      
AV 25 Closed Well Resin and plaster.    
AV 26 Islamic Marabutto Monastery-Fortress. Typically found in North Africa. Square grave with semi-sphere dome. Plaster and photo-etched (for crescent). 2 styles: with and without engravings.    
AV 27 Oriental Vases Plaster.    
AV 28 Derelect German Command Post Plaster.    
AV 29 Ruined Colonial House with Half Arch Plaster.    
AV 30 Decorated Stele Resin and plaster. Typical for Lybia.    
AV 31 Low Walls - 15/25 milimeter scale 3 pieces in resin.    
AV 32 Tuscany Colonial House Plaster, Resin and photo-etch.    
AV 33 Scarecrow      
AV 34 Tree Trunk Logs 2 pieces.    
AV 35 Canal Barge      
AV 37 Wall Port/Channel with Sewer      
AV 38 Wall Port/Channel with Stairs      
AV 39 Wall Port/Channel with Corner      
AV 40 Workshop Furniture and Equipment 10 Pieces.    
AV 41 Pavement 20cm X 6.5cm    
AV 42 Israeli concrete roadblock      
AV 43 Bathhouse      
SC1L Curved Road with Facade of Two Buildings and Lampost Resin, white metal and photo-etched.    
SC1F Curved Road with Facade of Two Buildings and fountain Resin and photo-etched.    
SC2L Straight Road, Building Facade, Lampost and Ruined Wall Resin, white metal and photo-etched.    
SC2F Straight Road, Building Facade, Fountain and Ruined Wall Resin and photo-etched.    
SC3L Straight Road with Wall, Sidewalk and Lampost Resin and white metal.    
SC3F Straight Road with Wall, Sidewalk and Fountain Resin.    
SC4L Straight Road, Two Building Facades and Lampost Resin, white metal and photo-etched.    
SC4F Straight Road, Two Building Facades and Fountain. Resin and photo-etched.    
WG 001 Straight river section Resin.    
WG 002 45 degree bend in river Resin.    
WG 003 90 degree bend in river Resin.    
WG 004 Section of river with a bridge Resin.    
WG 005 River Combination Set Contains WG 001, WG 002, WG 003 and WG 004.    
WG 006 Gun Emplacement with cupola tower plus observatory Resin.    
WG 007 Gun Emplacement with two guns cupola tower plus observatory Resin.    
WG 008 Large Bridge      
WG 009 Small Bridge      
WG 010 MG Bunker      
WG 011 Bunker with "Somua" Turret      
WG 012 Bunker with "Berliet" Turret      
WG 013 Square MG bunker      
WG 014 Bunker with "Berliet" with groundwork      
WG 015 Bunker with "Somua" with groundwork      
WG 016 Square bunker for MG with 4 firing slits      
WG 017 Square bunker for MG with 4 firing slits with groundwork      
WG 018 Octoganal Bunker with Pz.Kfw. III turret      
WG 019 Bunker (variation) with "Renault" turret      
WG 020 Bunker (variation) with "Berliet" turret      
WG 021 Bunker with Panther turret      
WG 022 Stalin Line Bunker with T-26 Turret and MG Turret      
WG 023 Stalin Line Bunker with KV-2 Turret and MG Turret      
WG 024 Corner of a ruined building      
WG 026 Burried FT-17 Bunker      
WG 027 Octagonal bunker - "Tobruk"      
WG 028 Octagonal bunker with Pz.Kfw. III Turret      
WG 029 Double bunker casemate with "Somua" Turret      
WG 030 Square Bunker with 2 firing slits      

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
AC 72001Modern USA Tank Crew6 figures  
AC 72025German Panzer Crew 1945   
AC 72026Farmer with Dog   
AV 36Divers4 pieces.  
AV 44Wounded German Soldiers3 figures.  

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Kit list last updated: 08 February 2013