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Accessory sets kits from Czech Republic. Not to be confused with the plastic kit manufacturer of the same name. AMC also makes accessory sets.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72M01 ZIS E-134 Army Car        
72M02 Shorland Armored Car Armoured Version of the Land Rover      
72M03 sIG 33 Auf. Pz. III Conversion for Revell Panzer III. Not very accurate.     Doug Chaltry
72M04 Willys Jeep MB Ambulance version      
72M05 Willys Jeep MB USAAF airfield "Follow Me" vehicle      
72M06 Willy Jeep MB Rocket launcher version      
72M07 Krupp L3H 163 Fernsprechbetriebskraftwagen        
72M08 Willys Jeep MB Railway version      
72M09 Bambi Israeli Defence Force armoured car      
72M10 Henschel L3H 133        
72M11 Henschel L3H 133 With crane      
72M12 Schleppwagen - German 6t trailer With white metal parts      
72M13 Sd.Kfz.251/C Cargo carrier version      
72M14 Sd.Kfz 251/17 Ausf.C Luftwaffe version.      
72M15 Mgebrov Amoured Car "RENO" 1916 Russian World War One armoured car      
72M19 Büssing - NAG "Small Puma"        
72M21 Nachrichtenwagen Kfz.62/63        
72M22 Armoured Car White M2 (Israeli Scout Car)        
72M23 Büssing - NAG 5cm Kwk 38  Resin kit with metal barrel      
72M24 Büssing - NAG 2cm Hängelafette  Resin kit with metal barrel      

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AMCD001 German truck detail set (universal)        
AMCD009 German Operator reels Armoured Version of the Land Rover      
AMCD010 US Operator reels        

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Kit list last updated 24 September 2010

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