From Sweden. Excellent waterslide decals.These are now out of production. The company has changed to Bison Decals.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Preview Review Articles
AFV-7201 Deutsches Afrika Korps Markings for 32 vehicles. Preview
AFV-7202 German Armored Cars, Half-tracks & Panthers Markings for 33 vehicles.  
AFV-7203 Waffen SS Armor Markings for 31 vehicles.  
AFV-7204 German Light & Medium Tanks Markings for 36 vehicles.  
AFV-7205 Sturm, Jagd. & Kanonen Markings for 47 vehicles.  
AFV-7206 Tiger & Panzer II Markings for 35 vehicles.  
AFV-7207 M4 Sherman in Korea Markings for 17 vehicles. Preview
AFV-7208 IDF Armor - Part 1 (The 1948-73 Wars) Markings for 22 vehicles. Preview
AFV-7209 IDF Armor - Part 2 (Modern Conflicts) Markings for 18 vehicles. Preview

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