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From China.

Kits - 3D Printed
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
Germany Puma APC
M1087 Tactical Command Center
GTK Boxer CRV AU Land 400 Phase 2 (Rheinmetall Lance MTS 30mm)
Centurion C-RAM system on HEMTT mobile Phalanx CIWS
SLT 2 Mammut Tank Transporter MAN HX81 Tractor
ROCA CM-34 TIFV 30mm Chain Gun
ROCA CM-37 Mobile-Gun System Black Bear
USMC M1 ABV Conversion with Mine Plough
IFV Bumerang K-17 with Epoch remote control turret
Russian MRAP KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon K
MAZ-543/TZ-90 Airport Oil Tanker

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Kit list last updated 31 August 2022