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From Spain.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
HV01German vehicle driverswhite metal, 4 figures
HV02German soldiers seatedwhite metal, 8 figures
HV0320mm AA gun crewwhite metal, 3 figures
HV04Panzergrenadiers for Sdkfz standingwhite metal, 4 figures
HV05Panzergrenadiers for Sdkfz seatedwhite metal, 4 figures
LDF10AA 20mm quad gun crewwhite metal, 4 figures
RKKA1Soviet squad walking in winter uniformwhite metal, 8 figures
RKKA2Soviet infantry marching set2white metal, 7 figures plus Maxim MG
RKKA40Soviet casualtieswhite metal, 4 figures

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Kit list last updated 27 November 2017