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From Japan.

Various sized and shaped lenses that may be suitable for small armour use
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
OP-251H -EYES 1 (Clear)
OP-252H -EYES 1 (Pink)
OP-253H -EYES 1 Green
OP-257H -EYES 3 Mini (Clear)
OP-258H -EYES 3 Mini (Pink)
OP-259H -EYES 3 Mini (Green)
OP-281H -EYES 4 (Square Clear)
OP-282H -EYES 4 (Square Pink)
OP-283H -EYES 4 (Square Green)
OP-712H -EYES 1 (Blue)
OP-713H -EYES 1 (Red)
OP-714H -EYES 1 (Yellow)
OP-718H -EYES 3 Mini (Blue)
OP-719H -EYES 3 Mini (Red)
OP-720H -EYES 3 Mini (Yellow)

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Kit list last updated 27 May 2022