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Kits - 3D Printed
3D printed.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001-WIP3DFresia F-40 Naval Aircraft tractor/tug
72002-WIP3DTank transporter Fiat 3000/L3 trailer
72003-WIP3DVespa Caproni-Fuscaldo scout car (2 prototype)
72004-WIP3DVespa Anzio Girls High School (Girls und Panzer anime)
72005-WIP3DFresia F-40 AMI Air Force tractor/tug
72006-WIP3DM13 Tank Transporter Trailer
72008-WIP3DFiat 665 NM Scudato
72010-WIP3DRailway Armoured Car

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Kit list last updated 30 August 2020