Vac-U-Cast Plastics
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From the USA. No longer in business since 2007. 1/76 scale items that may be of use for the /72 scale modeller.

Cast in resin.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
VA-101 .30 cal M1919A4 Machine Guns5 each
VA-102 .50 cal M2HB Machine Guns5 each
VA-103 MG-34 Machine Guns5 each
VA-104 MG-42 Machine Guns5 each
VA-105 T-34 Armored Loud Speaker for Propaganda Tank
VA-106 Sherman Field Modification Set
VA-107 Russian DSHK-38 Heavy Machine Gun with Recuperator Pistonsset of 5
VA-108 Cullen Hedge Row Device1 each per pack
VA-109 US Medium Tank Drive Sprockets3 sheets
VA-110 US Army Psy-War Equipment for M-4/M-5 Series Tanks
VA-111 Sherman M1A1 76mm Gun
VA-112 FG-1250 German Infra-Red Sighting Equipment for Panther Tanks
VA-113 T-34 Square Fuel Tanks late
VA-114 ZG-1221 German Infra-Red Sighting Equipment for Panther and SDKFZ 251 Half-Track
VA-115 MG-34 Bow Machine Gun Barrels6 each

Diorama Items
Cast in resin.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
B-101 Atlantic Wall Bunker
B-102 Pillboxesset of 2
B-103 Atlantic Wall Bunker Battle Damaged
B-104 Pillboxes Battle Damagedset of 2
B-105 Sandbag Positionsset of 5
B-106 Dragon's Teeth Obstaclesset of 24
B-107 Tree Stumpsset of 10
B-108 Craters/Foxholesset of 4
B-109 Normandy Village Monument
B-110 German City House Ruin
B-111 Ruined European Church
B-112 Ruined German Government Building
B-113 Beirut/Desert Storm City Building Ruin
B-114 Bunker with Panther Turret
B-115 Ruined Mediterranean Villa
B-116 Seigfreid Line Bunker with Cupola
B-117 Atlantic Wall Tank Turret Bunker
B-118 Light Flak Bunker for all 10mm & 37mm Guns
B-119 Heavy Flak Pit for 88mm & 105mm Guns
B-120 Modern Israeli Border Patrol Observation Post
B-121 Mortar/Heavy Gun Posititons
B-122 Heavy Machine Gun Positions
B-123 Heavy Machine Gun Positions with Overhead Cover
B-124 Japanese Pyramid Obstacles
B-125 South Korean MG Bunker with L Entrance
B-126 European Low Stone Walls & Cornersset of 4
B-127 Tarawa Beach Revetment
B-128 South Korean MG Bunker with T Entrance
B-129 US Two Man Fighting Position
B-130 European Stone Cottage with Shingled Roof
B-131 European Stone Cottage with Tiled Roof
B-132 European Stone Cottage with Thatched Roof

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
VA-116 Early German Panzer Commander1 resin figure per pack

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Kit list last updated 10 May 2017