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From Germany.

Diorama Items
Majority of their diorama items appear to be ceramic.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
TSD-72002Sand bag emplacement with wooden floor80 x 80 mm, ceramic
TSD-72003Sand bag emplacement with wooden floor110 x 85 mm, ceramic
TSD-720042cm Flak stand, earth filled walls with Flak mounting plateceramic
TSD-720052cm Flak stand, gravel filled walls with Flak mounting plateceramic
TSD-72006Small bunker with sandbags and removable roofceramic
TSD-72007Bunker with entrance and removable roofceramic
TSD-72008Belgian town house cornerceramic
TSD-72009Large German corner house ruinceramic
TSD-720108,8cm Flak stand standard type with ammo lockers15x15cm, ceramic
TSD-720115cm section of communication trench to be used between bunkersceramic
TSD-720128,8cm Flak stand type 2 - wooden walls with 4 corner ammo lockers
TSD-72013Middle East ruin (part 1)ceramic
TSD-72014Urban gun emplacement9,5 x 9,5 cm base
TSD-72015Workers corner house ruin in Bergman stylewalls 8,3 cm H x 10,8 cm L
TSD-72016Workers corner house in Bergman style10 cm L x 8,5 cm H
TSD-72017Town house with lots of damage9,5 cm L x 8 cm H
TSD-72018Corner town house with damage8 cm L x 9 cm H
TSD-72019Large building lots of damage and lots of detail169 L x 74 W x 145 mm H
TSD-72020Church ruin with street diorama base
TSD-72021Large bunker with panzer for turret
TSD-72022Entrance steps to communication trench
TSD-72023Large town house front ruin
TSD-72024Normandy house ruin128 x 55 mm
TSD-72025Town set Iset of 4 ruins
TSD-72026Diorama set Middle-East1 building, 2 fortifications
TSD-72027Town set IIset of 5 ruins with Streets incl. Crossroads
TSD-72028Diorama base Splitter box with runway31 x 30 cm
TSD-72029Wall corner base for ATG, etc.95 x 80 mm
TSD-72030Sandbag emplacement125 x 85 mm
TSD-72031Mortar emplacement115 x 88 mm
TSD-72032Mortar bunker50 x 70 mm
TSD-72033Town church with side walk
TSD-72034Government ruin with German eagle above door
TSD-72035Small workshop type house 3-sided
TSD-72036Government corner ruin
TSD-72037Governmental corner house with sidewalk and steps

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Kit list last updated 27 October 2014