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From Russia.

Soft plastic figures.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
045 WWI German Dragoons        
058 WWI Russian Dragoons        
059 WWI Don Cossacs        
060 WWI German Hussars        
072 WWI German Uhlans        
073 WWI Cuban Terek cossacks        
074 WWI Austro-Hungarian Honved Cavalry        
075 WWI British Cavalry - early        
076 WWI Russian Hussars        
077 WWI German Cuirassiers        
083 WW1 Don Cossacks in Summer Dress        
114 WWI British Cavalry - late        
115 WWI Lawrence of Arabia        
119 WWII Indian Infantry        
139 WWII Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun with crew        

WW1 British Camel Corps        
WW1 Australian Camel Corps        
167 WW1 Turkish Camel corps
172 WW1 Uprising Arab Camel Riders        
176WW2 Japanese Type 38 75mm Field Gun with crew
185Rif War Arab Rebels
186Rif War French Foreign Legion
187WW2 French Foreign Legion
188Anglo-Boer War - Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew
189Anglo-Boer War - Pom-Pom Gun with British Crew
190Rif War Mounted Rebels
191Rif War Rebellion
192French Foreign Legion Desert Patrol
226WW2 Japanese 20mm AA Gun Type 98 with crew
245WW2 Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Summer Dress
246WW2 Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Winter Dress
247WW2 U.S. Anti-Tank Squad
290Rif War French Foreign Legion Artillery
A001 WWI 8 Inch Mk.VII Cannon with British Crew        
A002 WWI 8 Inch Mk.VII Cannon with US Crew        
A003 WWI 8 Inch Mk.II Howitzer with British Crew        
A004 WWII 6 Inch Mk.XIX Cannon with British Crew        
A011 WWI Armoured Car Austin-Putilov        
A012 WWI 9.2 Inch Siege Howitzer with crew in winter uniform        
A013 WWI 21 cm MRS10 Heavy Howitzer with crew in early uniform        
A015WW1 Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider with Crew
A016WW2 Cannone da 105/28 Schneider Ansaldo with Crew
A018WW1 Canon de 155mm GPF mle 1917 with Crew in Winter Unifiorm
M017 WWI Russian Infantry in winter uniform        
M018 WWI Russian Infantry in summer uniform        
M024 WWI Austrian Infantry        
M031 Red Army Infantry 1939-41        
M044 Red Army in Winter Dress - Russian Civil War        
M045 Red Army in Summer Dress - Russian Civil War        
M054Russo-Turkish Bashi-Bazouks
M084 WWII Soviet Partisans in Winter Dress        
M085 WWII Soviet Partisans in Summer Dress        
M086 WWII German Police Battallion - Local Collaborators        
M093 WWII German Army in Stalingrad        
M095 WWII Polish People's Army        
M096 WWII Finnish Army        
WWII Union of South Africa Infantry
WWII Japanese Imperial Airborne Troops        
WWII American Infantry - early        
WWII New Zealand Troops        
WWII U.S. Navy & Anti-Aircraft Machine gun        
WWII American Infantry - early - set 2        
M114 WWII Japanese Troops in Tropical Uniform        
M120 WWII Imperial Japanese Army Paratroopers        
M121 WWII Imperial Japanese Army Heavy Weapons        
M123 WW1 Imperial British Camel Corps Dismounted        
M122 WWI Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform        
M126 WWI Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform        
M127 WWI Arab Revolt Foot Rebels        
M128 WWII Imperial Japanese Army in Attack        
M129 WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons        
M130 WWI Polish Infantry        
WW1 Australian Camel Corps Dismounted        
M132 WW2 8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad        
M133Anglo-Boer War - British Infantry Skirmishing
M134WW1 French Infantry in Summer Uniform
M139Anglo-Boer War Highlanders in Attack
M142WW1 Arabs in Skirmish
M143WW2 LRDG at rest
M145WW2 SAS Desert Ambush
M146Rif Wr French Foreign Legion in Camp
M147Rif War French Foreign Legion in Attack
M148WW1 Arabs in Retreat
M164 Russian Civil War Red Cavalry in Summer Dress        

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Kit list last updated 19 August 2021