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From Germany.

Diorama Items
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72-FR-B001 German Shepherd dogs 2 dogs, one standing one lying down, nicely cast in resin. The height of the withers of the standing dog corresponds to 72cm (admittedly including fur), which is rather big for this breed of dog, which according to the breed standard cannot exceed 65cm for a male. - R. Haelterman Picture    
72-FR-B002 Highland cattle - set 1        
72-FR-B003 Highland cattle - set 2        
72-FR-B004 Canes Pugnaces        
72-FR-B005 Irish Wolfhounds        
72-FR-B006 Wild Boars - set 1        
72-FR-B007 Wild Boars - set 2        
72-FR-B008 Wild Boar        
72-FR-B009 Large Dogs (Cane Corso, Bullmastiff & French Mastiff)
72-FR-B010 Utility & Working dogs (German Shepherd,German Boxer & Dobermann) 3 dogs, all standing, very nicely cast in resin.
The German Shepherd is different from those in 72-FR-B001, but again a bit on the large side.
The same goes for the Boxer and, even more so, for the Dobermann. The latter appear overly chubby as well. - R. Haelterman
72-FR-B011Piglets - walking
72-FR-B012Piglets - sucking
72-FR-B013Piglets - resting
72-FR-B014Brown Bear family

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Kit list last updated 08 January 2021