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From Sweden.

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72-A1001 Battle for Berlin 45 #1. Halftracks, StuGs and Tigers        
72-A1002 Battle for Berlin 45 #2. SS-Nordland and Panthers        
72-A1003 Befehlspanzer #1. Kl.Bef.PzKpfw I, PzKpfw II and Beobachtungspanzer II        
72-A1004 Befehlspanzer #2. Pz.Bef.Wagen III Ausf D1 / E / H / J / K / L and Pz.Beob.Wagen. III Ausf G        
72-A1005 Finnish Tanks in WW2 #1. KV-1 m/1942, KV-1E, ISU-152, PzKpfw IV Ausf J, T-37A and T-38        
72-A1006 Finnish Tanks in WW2 #2. BT-5 m/1933, BT-42 Assault Gun, T-28 m/1938 and T-28 m/1940        
72-A1007 SS-Panthers #1. 9.SS-Hohenstaufen and 12.SS-Hitlerjugend        
72-A1008 SS-Panthers #2. 2.SS-Das Reich and 3.SS-Totenkopf        
72-A1009 Balkan Peacekeepers #1. British UN Warriors        
72-A1010 Desert Storm 1991 #1. British Challenger I and M109A2 Howitzer        
72-A1011 British Special Shermans        
72-A1012 Befehlspanzer - set 3        
72-A1013 Befehlspanzer - set 4        
Befehlspanzer - set 5        
RMASG Centaur        
RMASG Sherman        
M48A3 Patton - US Marines in Vietnam- 69th Armored Regiment        
M48A3 Patton late - US Marines in Vietnam - 1st.Tk.Bn        
Western Front Tigers - set 1        
72-A1020 Western Front Tigers - set 2        
72-A1021German tanks in Italy - set 1
72-A1022German tanks in Italy - set 2
72-A1023German tanks in Italy - set 3
72-A1024German tanks in Italy - set 4
72-A1025German tanks in Italy - set 5
72-A1026German tanks in Italy - set 6
72-A1027German tanks in Italy - set 7

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Kit list last updated 01 April 2019