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Kits - Resin/Metal
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AV 01M3A1metal kit
AV 02M3 75mm GMCmetal kit
AV 03M3 105 HTmetal kit
AV 04M16 .50 cal x4 AAmetal kit
AV 05M2 half-track artillery towmetal kit
AV 06M2 half-track 3 inch mortar carriermetal kit
AV 073/4 ton Dodge WC53/54 Beepmetal kit
AV 086x6 1½ ton Dodgemetal kit
AV 09Dodge ambulancemetal kit
AV 10Dodge commandmetal kit
AV 11M21 mortar carriermetal kit
AV 12 M15
AV 13Weasel US amphibianmetal kit
AV 14M3A1 White scout carmetal kit
AV 15 Half-track trailer
BV 01Morris armoured car
BV 02M5/M9 Lend Lease half-track
BV 03Beaverette MKII
BV 04Generic 1939 single decker bus
CT 01Simca 5metal/resin kit
CT 02Ford short chassis cargo body A and EE variant
CT 03Ford long chassis cargo body AA and AAA variant
CT 04Ford livestock transport lorry with sheep load
CT 05Austin K2 NAAFI van
CT 061930 - 1945 Ford dustcart
CW 01Chieftain Mk Vmetal kit
CW 02 FV 432 Trojan
CW 03FV 433 Abbot
CW 04FV 432 Mortar carrier
CW 05 FV101 Scorpion
CW 06FV102 Striker
CW 07FV103 Spartan
CW 08FV104 Samaritan
CW 09FV105 Sultan
CW 10FV106 Samson
CW 11FV107 Scimitar
CW 12FV1612 Humber Pig MKI
CW 13FV1612 Humber Pig MKII
CW 14Fox armoured car
CW 15434
CW 16 438 Swingfire
CW 17Stalwart
CW 18FV432/30
CW 19Humber hornet ATGM
CWG 01British 120mm WOMBAT recoilless rifle
CWG 02US 106mm recoilless rifle
CWG 03 L118/105mm gun
GN 01M55 AA trailermetal kit
GN 02M20 trailer (M55)metal kit
GN 0320mm AA gunmetal kit
GN 0437mm AA gunmetal kit
GN 05US 105mm field gunmetal kit
GN 062cm Flakvierling 38metal kit
GN 07Smith gunmetal kit
GN 08US 57mm ATG (licensed British 6 pdr)metal kit
GN 09Oerlikon 20mm AA with pedestal mountmetal kit
GN 102cm AA Flak 30metal kit
GN 11German 37 mm ATG
GN 12Russian/German 120mm mortar
GN 13British 14 mm 2 pounder AT
GN 14British 25 pounder MK 1
GN 15 Japanese 37mm AT gun
GN 16Japanese 47mm AT gun
GN 17French 25mm AT gun
GN 18French 47mm AT gun
GN 1975mm gun 1897 spooked wheels
GN 20Italian 47mm Bohler ATG
GN 21British 6 pounder ATG
GN 22British 17 pounder ATG
GN 23Baby 25 pounder
GN 2475mm 1897 pneumatic tires
GN 25German 5cm Pak 38
GN 26German 7.5cm Pak 40
GN 27German 8.8cm Pak 43
GN 28 German 7.5cm IG18
GN 29Russian 45mm 1933 ATG
GN 30Russian 45mm 1942 ATG
GN 31Russian 57mm Zis-2 ATG
GN 32Russian 100mm BS3 ATG
GN 33Russian 76.2mm Zis-3 field gun
GN 34Russian 160mm 1943 heavy mortar
GV 01German WWI field kitchenmetal kit
GV 01 AGerman WWII field kitchenmetal kit
GV 02Sdkfz 8 ton half-track with 37mm AA and armoured cabmetal/resin kit
GV 03Einheitsdieselmetal/resin kit
GV 04Einheitsdiesel with field kitchenmetal/resin kit
GV 05Sdkfz 8 ton half-track with 2cm Flakvierling 38 w/ armoured cabmetal/resin kit
GV 06Sdkfz 251/17 with 20mm AA gunmetal/resin kit
GV 07Daimler Benz staff carmetal/resin kit
GV 08Sdkfz 234/3 armoured carmetal/resin kit
GV 09Seehund Midget submarinemetal/resin kit; waterline kit
GV 10VW Beetle staff carmetal/resin kit
GV 11Luftwaffe oiler and starter cartmetal kit
GV 12Krupp Protzemetal/resin kit
GV 13Einheitsdiesel with cable layermetal/resin kit
GV 14Einheitsdiesel with 3 ton cranemetal/resin kit
GV 15Pz Kpfw IV Ausf Gmetal/resin kit
GV 16Armoured Opel Maultier with 15cm Panzerwerfermetal/resin kit
GV 17Pz Kpfw 38 (T) Ausf Cmetal/resin kit
GV 18Pz Kpfw 38 (T) Ausf Gmetal/resin kit
GV 1938T Commandmetal/resin kit
GV 20Late Tigermetal/resin kit
GV 21Kettenkrad
GV 22German Ford V3000
GV 23Kubelwagen
GV 24Kubelwagen desert
JP 01Willy's jeep basicmetal kit
JP 02Willy's jeep SAS Europemetal kit
JP 03Willy's jeep Desertmetal kit
JP 04Willy's jeep Reccemetal kit
JP 05Jeep trailermetal kit
LC 01LCIresin kit
LC 02LCVPresin kit
LC 03LCM(3)resin kit
LR 01SWB MkI Land Rover
LR 02LWB MkI Land Rover
LR 03SWB MkII Land Rover
LR 04LWB MkII Land Rover
LR 05Air-portable light weight Land Rover
LR 06Ambulance
LR 07 SWB MkIII Land Rover
LR 09Land Rover Snatch
LR 10SWB Defender
LR 11LWB Defender
PL 01Generator (Broom and Wade 1928 - 1955)
PL 02Brush "PONY" electric truckmetal kit
PL 03Jones mobile cranemetal kit
PL 04Lister PN 1 ton auto truckmetal kit
PV 01Tankette TK3 MG or 20mm canonmetal kit
PV 02Tankette TKS late versionmetal kit
PV 03Fiat 621 ambulancemetal kit
PV 04Mod 34 Polski Fiat 621metal kit
PV 05Wz 34 armoured carmetal kit
RV 01Zis 5 AAmetal kit
RV 02T34D 76mm L40 cast turretmetal kit
RV 03Zis 5 AAAmetal kit
RV 04Katyushametal kit
RV 05Zis 5 AAA office bodymetal kit
RV 06SU 122 assault gunmetal kit
RV 07SU 85 tank destroyermetal kit
RV 08Zis 6 Maultiermetal kit
RV 09M5/M9 Lend Liese half-trackmetal kit
RV 10Zis 5 fuel tankermetal kit
RV 11Zis 5 wooden bodymetal kit
RV 12KV1metal kit
RV 13BT7metal kit
RV 14T70metal kit
RV 15Searchlight and mountmetal kit
RV 16T34/85metal kit
RV 17 Gaz 67
RV 18SU 76 self-propelled gun
RW 01Early armoured train 1917 - 1945
RW 02Home guard armoured train (N gauge) 1x engine, 2x carriages, 7 man crew
RW 03Schienenpanzerspahzug (heavy armoured scout train) artillery wagon with surplus turret Pz Mk III with short 75 mm command turret
RW 04Long bogy flatbed
RW 05Long bogy flatbed with sandbags

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
GM 016 x .30 cal MG's 1936-1990resin with aluminium barrel
GM 026 x .50 cal MG'smetal
GM 036 x Vickers K guns with mounts
GM 04US stowage and tools
GM 0510 x oil drums
GM 06Sand channels: 6 large and 6 small
GM 07Assorted German stowage and workshop items 1944-1980resin
GM 085 x Cullen's Cuttersresin
GM 09Sherman Air Ducts Wading D-Day (1 large, 1 small)resin
GM 10Assorted tarpaulinsresin
GM 11German vehicle tools and 6 jacksresin
GM 1217 pounder ammunition and shellsresin
GM 136 x Lewis gunsresin/metal kit
GM 1420 mm magzines and boxesmetal kits with 2 figures
GM 15Spare Sherman tracks and wheelsresin
GM 16German jerry cans
GM 17Assorted small boxes
GM 18Allied jerry cans
GM 195 x Bren guns in vehicle mounts
GM 20Russian turret top MG's (4 heavy, 2 light)
GM 213 x MG 34 and 3 x MG 42 (incl. bipods and mounts)
GM 226 x rockets for Katusha
GM 23British Infantry small arms: pistols, brens, .303 rifles
GM 24German AT weapons: panzer Faust, panzer check
GM 254 x Russian tank external fuel tanks
GM 26Early War British flimsies and oil cans
GM 27Late War British small arms
GM 28.30 cal US hull MG's (30 x)
GM 29German MG 34 hull MG's (30 x)
GM 30Russian hull MG's (30 x)
GM 31British Besa hull MG's (30 x)
GM 32T34 tracks and wheels
GM 33Panther spare track and road wheels
GM 34Assortment of cable rolls, hoses and wires
GM 35British stowage (contents will vary)
GM 36Vickers MMG and mounts
GM 37Russian small arms
GM 38Early War German small arms
GM 39Late War German small arms
GM 401 m of chain +/- 1.5 mm per link
GM 41U.S. small arms
GM 42 Assorted tires
GM 431 m cable
GM 44Sandbags for vehicles
GM 45Assorted medium boxes
GM 46Generic vehicle stowage
GM 47Britisch tank stowage
GM 48Large stores
GM 4940 Bottles
JW 01British small arms SLRs, GPMGs, Sterlings and 50 mm mortars
JW 02 Russian small arms
JW 03RPG and launchers
JW 04British vehicle top MG's
JW 05M79's and L.A.W.'s
JW 061 ton HIAB crane
VL 012 bases with mixed loads
VL 024 bases of oil drums
VL 032 inflatable dinghies
VL 044 bases of milk churns and crates
VL 053 bases of 60 jerry cans
VL 063 bases of jerry cans and bicycle
VL 072 bases of 6 barrels
VL 083 bases of small arms boxes
VL 092 bases of assorted wooden crates
VL 102 bases of tree trunks
VL 112 bases of oil drums and jerry cans
VL 122 bases of oil drums, jerry cans and crates
VL 132 bases with spare wheels and 4 boxes
VL 142 bases of builders loads
VL 152 bases of rubble
VL 162 bases of small wooden planks
VL 172 bases of large wooden planks
VL 182 bases - 1 corn, 1 miscellaneous
VL 191 base of 10 dustbins

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
BO 012 small rowing boats with oars
BO 022 rowing boats from ships with oars
BO 03Rhine barge (Operation Sealion)
BO 04Large Whaler style boat
BO 05Rhine barge (Unpowered)
BO 06Rhine barge tank loading conversion
BO 07Pinnace
BO 08Trawlerwhite metal and resin
BO 09Coastal/Tramp steamerwhite metal and resin
BO 10Motorised Dhowwhite metal and resin
BO 11Non-motorised Dhowwhite metal and resin
BO 12Motorised Caiquewhite metal and resin
BO 13 Non-motorised Caiquewhite metal and resin
BO 14Soviet Type D patrol boatwhite metal and resin; waterline kit
HD 01Small farm cart with 1 horsemetal kit
HD 02Larger farm cart, driver and 2 horsesmetal kit
HD 03Damaged horse drawn cart with dead horse and 2 civilian casualtiesmetal kit
HD 04Small cart with spoked wheels, 1 man sitting and 1 man leading ass
HD 05Small cart with pneumatic wheels, 1 man sitting and 1 man leading ass
HD 06General cart with a load pulled by a farm horse
ME 01WW I British War Memorial
ME 02British War Memorial
ME 03French WW I Memorial
ME 04Angel with wall
ME 0510 Soviet style wreaths
ME 0615 small wreaths
ME 0710 large wreaths with ribbon
ME 08Angel on alternative plinth
ME 09Queen Victoria Memorial
ME 10 Civilian pall-bearers and 1 coffin
ME 11 Military pall-bearers and flag-draped coffin
SC 013 Telegraph poles
SC 02Signposts mix
SC 032 round tables with 4 chairs
SC 046 corrugated iron sheets and 2 I-girders
SC 05Barricade
SC 06Archaeological site with 4 figures
SC 07Gun pit
SC 08Letterbox and postbox
SC 093 metal and 3 clay milk churns
SC 10Gravestone mix
SC 11Set of 4 shell craters
SC 12Set of tank traps
SC 132 tents
SC 142 tombs
SC 15Bag of miscellaneous debris
SC 16Bell tent
SC 17Street barricade
SC 182 campfires
SC 19Cobbled road with UXB
SC 20Tarmac road with UXB
SC 21Large packking crate
SC 22Set of log barriers
SC 232 large log barriers
SC 24Large log barrier
SC 252 dead cows
SC 262 ARC boxes
SC 27Residential nissen hut
SC 27 AIndustrial nissen hut
SC 28Pickett-Hamilton bunker
SC 292 concrete European telegraphe poles
SC 3010 Dust bins
SC 31Outside toilet
SC 322 K2 telephone boxes
SC 332 AA boxes
SC 34Tin bath
SC 35Hairpin AT traps
SC 36Trough
SC 37Shipping container
SC 382 coal bunkers
SC 39Cold frame
SC 40Green house
SC 41Police box (tardis)
SC 42Garden shed
SC 43Pontoon bridge
SC 44Medieval tent
SC 45Zelthbahns

Figure sets appear to be only offered in cast metal
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AC 01RAF air crew2 pilots sitting, 2 standing
AC 02Luftwaffe air crew2 pilots sitting, 2 standing
AC 03US air crew2 pilots sitting, 2 standing
AC 04Russian air crew2 pilots sitting, 2 standing
BI 01British Army Rifles advancing
BI 02British Army Rifles firing
BI 03British Army Command
BI 04British Army Bren gun teams
BI 05British Army Vickers machine gun and crew
BI 06British Army 2inch mortar and crew
BI 07British Army 3inch mortar and crew
BI 08British Army PIAT teams
BI 09British Army Boys anti-tank rifle
BI 10British Army Flamethrower team
BI 11British Army 10 Tank Commanders
BI 12British Army Anti-tank gun crew
BI 13British Army Artillery crew
BI 14British Army Seated passengers and drivers
BI 15British Army 4.2inch mortar and crew
BI 16British Army 4 Engineers
BI 17British Army BSA and sidecar with rider and passenger
BI 18 British Army 2 BSA with dispatch riders
BI 19British Army 4 Soldiers standing to attention
BI 20British Army 14 Soldiers standing to attention wearing berets
BI 21British Army 14 Soldiers standing to attention wearing GS caps
BIA 01British Indian Army Sikh rifles advancing
BIA 02British Indian Army Sikh rifles firing
BIA 03British Indian Army Sikh Command
BIA 04British Indian Army Sikh Bren gun teams
BIA 05British Indian Army Sikh Vickers MMG team
BIA 06 British Indian Army Sikh 2inch mortar team
BIA 07British Indian Army Sikh 3inch mortar team
BIA 08 British Indian Army Sikh PIAT teams
BIA 09 British Indian Army Sikh Boys Anti-tank rifle
BN 01British Navy 2 Officers, 1 CPO and 1 rating4 figures metal
BN 02British Navy 1 Officer saluting, 1 Officer standing at attention, 1 CPO and 11 ratings at ease
BN 03British Navy 2 Officers, 1 CPO and 11 ratings at ease with kitbag's
BN 04British Navy 2 Officers, 1 rating marching, 1 rating on guard with SMG
BN 05British Navy 2 Officers and 12 ratings marching
BN 06British Navy 4 Matelots cleaning ship
BN 07British Navy 2 Officers and 2 seamen in tropical dress
BN 08British Navy 1 Officer, 1 CPO and 12 ratings in tropical dress
BN 09British Navy 4 Gunners for 4 inch gun
BN 10British Navy Oerlikon/Polsten gun team
BN 11British Navy Naval rowing boat and crew
BN 12British Navy British Naval bridge crew
BN 13British Navy 1930-1940 Marines in dress uniform4 figures
BN 14British Navy 1930-1940 Marines in dress uniform14 figures
CB 01 Cold War (1961-1991) 4 Infantry advancing with SLR's
CB 02Cold War (1961-1991) 4 Infantry advancing with Sterling SMG's
CB 03Cold War (1961-1991) GPMG teams
CB 04 Cold War (1961-1991) 50mm Mortar and radio operatives
CB 05Cold War (1961-1991) Firing SLR's
CB 06Cold War (1961-1991) 81mm Mortar and team
CB 07Cold War (1961-1991) AT teams
CB 08Cold War (1961-1991) Landrover crews
CB 09Cold War (1961-1991) Casualties
CB 10Cold War (1961-1991) Artillery crew
CB 11Cold War (1961-1991) Infantry with SLR's and 1 riot gun
CB 12 Cold War (1961-1991) Northern Island riot troops with schields
CB 13Cold War (1961-1991) 4 Man snatch crew
CB 14Cold War (1961-1991) Protesters/Rioters
G 01 German Army Rifles advancing
G 02German Army Rifles firing
G 03German Army Command
G 04German Army MG34 teams
G 05German Army MG34 on tripod and crew
G 06German Army MG42 teams
G 07German Army MG42 on tripod and crew
G 08German Army 50mm mortar and crew
G 09German Army 81mm mortar and crew
G 10 German Army Engineers
G 11German Army Panzer Grenadiers
G 12German Army Panzer Grenadiers Support
G 13German Army Panzer Grenadiers Command
G 14German Army 10 Tank Commanders
G 15German Army Anti-tank gun crew
G 16German Army 10 Early War Tank Commanders
G 17German Army SP gun crew
G 18German Army Artillery crew
G 19German Army 120mm mortar and crew
G 20German Army Limber, horses, riders and drivers
G 21German Army 1 Officer, 1 NCO and 2 Privates (1939 - 1941)
G 22German Army 1 Officer, 1 NCO and 12 Privates (1939 - 1941)
G 23German Army German sentries in greatcoats4 figures
G 24 German Army 4 Man crew for field kitchen
G 25German Army 4 Man OP group with bi-bifocals
G 26German Army German road block with 3 figures and a sentry box
G 27German Army German sentry and box
G 28German Army 3 German Officers and 1 Italian Officer
G 29German Army 2 Gestapo, 1 German female and 1 French gendarme
G 30German Army 4 German Offiers
G 31German Army 4 Man 20mm gun crew
G 32 German Army 4 Man 2cm flak vierling crew
HG 01Home Guard 4 British infantry (1939 - 1941)
HG 02Home Guard 1 Officer, 1 Sergeant and 12 Privates (1939 - 1941)
HG 03Home Guard 1 Officer, 1 Sergeant and 12 Privates wearing GS caps (1939-1941)
HG 04Home Guard Home Guard road barrier3 soldiers, barrier and sandbags
HG 05Home Guard 4 Scottish infantry with chest respirators (1939-1941)
HG 06Home Guard Scottish infantry, Officer, NCO, Sergeant and 11 Privates marching
HG 07Home Guard 4 Home Guard characters
HG 08Home Guard 4 Home Guard advancing
HG 09Home Guard 4 British sentries in Greatcoats
HG 10Home Guard 2 Home Guard on bicycles
HG 11Home Guard LDV Volunteers4 figures
HG 12Home Guard Home Guard Louis gun team4 figures
HG 13Home Guard Home Guard gun team4 figures
HG 14 Home Guard Northover project MkI and 2 crew
HG 15Home Guard Blacker bombard stand for Spigot and 2 half figures
HG 16Home Guard Blacker bombard 2 figures and a mobile mount
HG 17Home Guard Home Guard patrol in rowing boat
HG 18Home Guard Home Guard command set4 figures with table and chair
HG 19Home Guard 2 Soldiers mounted on farm horses
I 01 Italian ArmyCommand
I 02Italian Army Rifles advancing
I 03Italian Army Rifles firing
I 04Italian Army Riflemen in assorted poses
I 05Italian Army LMG teams
I 06Italian Army MMG and crew
I 07Italian Army Brixia mortar and crew
I 08Italian Army Anti-tank gun crew
I 09Italian Army 81mm mortar and crew
I 10Italian Army Tank crew10 half figures
I 11Italian Army Artillery crew
I 12 Italian Army Cavalry troopers2 horses, 2 riders
I 13Italian Army Cavalry Command2 horses, 2 riders
LC 04Naval landing craft crew and steering columnmetal kit
LC 05US Naval crew Imetal kit
LC 06US Naval crew IImetal kit
NC 01Ladies4 figures metal
NC 02Men4 figures metal
NC 03Children4 figures metal
NC 04Handcart with 2 people and choice of loads
NC 05Handcart with 2 people and choice of loads
NC 06Workmen4 figures metal
NC 07Ford lorry crew3 figures metal
NC 08Seated figures4 figures metal
NC 09Holy orders4 figures metal
NC 10Casualties4 figures metal
NC 11Civic authorities4 figures metal
NC 12Medical personnel4 figures metal
NC 13Aid post casualties4 figures metal
NC 14Scout group with collection cart5 figures, 1 cart with different loads
NC 15Assorted Scouts8 figures metal
NC 16Policeman and postman on bicycles2 figures metal
NC 17French gendarme and onion seller on bicycles2 figures metal
NC 18Girl guides5 figures metal
NC 19Transport personnel for buses4 figures metal
NC 19 ATransport personnel for buses2 full and 2 half figures metal
NC 20Farmers wife with bags/sacs
NC 21Milkman and 4 churns
NC 22Group of seated figures and 2 figures leading a horsemetal
NC 23Service women4 figures metal
NC 24Workmen4 figures and wheelbarrow
NC 25European cafe owner and staff4 figures metal
NC 26Courting couple in a rowing boat
NC 27Fisherman, small boy and dog in rowing boat
NC 28RAF escapee's 2x and resistance fighters 2x
NC 29Seated men (2x) playing a game at a circular table and 2 chairs
NC 30BSA with sidecar, ladder and window cleaner
NC 31BSA AA motorbike and sidecar
NC 32Civilian BSA combination 1 rider and a choice of 2 passengers
NC 33Trawler crew4 figures
NC 34Market stall with trader and goodsMDF stall and metal figures
NC 35Market stall with trader and meatMDF stall and metal figures
NC 364 Market traders
NC 37RNLI 4 sailors in sou'westers
R 01Russian Army Rifles advancing
R 02Russian Army Rifles firing
R 03 Russian Army SMG's
R 04Russian Army Command
R 05Russian Army LMG teams
R 06Russian Army HMG and crew
R 07Russian Army 82 mm mortar and crew
R 08Russian Army PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle teams
R 09Russian Army Anti-tank crew
R 10Russian Army Artillery crew
R 11Russian Army Tank commanders
R 12Russian Army 120mm mortar and crew
R 13 Russian Army 50mm mortar and crew
R 14Russian Army Cavalery command
R 15Russian Army Riders and horses
R 16Russian Army Cossack Cavalry
R 17Russian Army Cossack Cavalry Command
R 18 Russian Army Officer/Trooper withs swords
R 19Russian Army 1 Officer with pistol, 1 NCO with rifle
R 20Russian Army 2 Riflemen with horses
R 21Russian Army 1 Officer with binoculars, 1 NCO with rifle
R 22Russian Army 2 Swordsmen, 2 horses
R 23 Russian Army Dead/Casualties
R 24Russian Army 4 Man Katyusha crew
RA 01Russian Army Officers and NCOs4 figures
RA 02Russian Army Riflemen advancing4 figures
RA 03Russian Army Riflemen firing4 figures
RA 04Russian Army Riflemen skirmishing4 figures
RA 05Russian Army Dead/casualties4 figures
RA 06Russian Army Maxim and 3 crew
RA 07Russian Army 81mm mortar and 3 crew
RC 01Russian Cavalry 1 Officer and 1 trooper on horse
RC 02Russian Cavalry 1 Officer and 1 NCO on horse
RC 03Russian Cavalry 2 Riflemen on horse
RC 04Russian Cavalry 1 Officer and 1 NCO on horse
RC 05Russian Cavalry 2 Swordsmen on horse
SS 01SS Troops Rifles advancing
SS 02 SS Troops Rifles firing
SS 03SS Troops Command
SS 04SS Troops MG42 teams with bipod
SS 05SS Troops MG42 on tripod with 3 crew
SS 06SS Troops 81mm mortar and 3 crew
SS 07SS Troops Panzer Knacker anti-tank teams
U 01American Army Riflemen advancing
U 02 American Army Riflemen firing
U 03American Army Command
U 04American Army BAR teams
U 05American Army Bazooka teams
U 06American Army .30 Machine gun teams
U 07American Army .30 MMG and crew
U 08American Army .50 Machine gun on tripod and crew
U 09American Army 60mm Mortar and crew
U 10American Army 81mm Mortar and crew
U 11American Army Combat engineers
U 12American Army Anti-tank gun crew
U 13American Army Artillery crew
U 14American Army Mules with equipment and handler
U 15 American Army Tank commanders10 half figures
U 16American Army 4.2inch Mortar and crew
U 17American Army Quad .50 gun crew
VC 01Driver and passenger for JP 01
VC 02Half track crew suitable for AV 02 + AV 034 figures
VC 03Crew for SAS/LRDG jeep2 figures
VC 04Paratroopers sitting 2x and 1x standing for use with JP 04
VC 05Civilian crew2 figures for use with JP 01
VC 06Tank crew4 figures
VC 07Seated crew10 figures
VC 08British tank casualties2 full and 1 half figure
VC 09German tank casualties2 full and 1 half figure
VC 10US tank casualties2 full and 1 half figure
VC 11Dodge command crew4 figures
VC 12US stretcher-bearers, tretcher and medic
VC 13British drivers4 mixed figures
VC 14British Weasel crew4 figures
VC 15US Weasel crew4 figures
VC 16British tank crew2x half and 2x 3/4 figure
VC 17German naval crew4 figures
VC 18German tank crew4 figures
VC 19US tank crew4 figures
VC 20Russian tank crew4 half figures
VC 21Kettenkrad crew2 full and 1 half figure
VC 224 seated German figures

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Kit list last updated 04 February 2018