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Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
F72002IS-2for Zvezda kit
F72003ISU-152for Zvezda kit
F72004Dimensional light GST-64 - early 16 pcs.
F72005Dimensional light GST-64 - late 16 pcs.
F72006Soviet/Russian AFV headlights
F72007Soviet/Russian tank fuel barrel 200L - stamped2 pcs.
F72008Barrel 200L GOST4 pcs.
F72012Jerrycan 20L GOST6 pcs.
F72014URAL-4320 - set 1 for ICM kit
F72015URAL-4320 - set 2 for ICM kit
F72017Mercedes-Benz G4 for ICM kit
F72018Soviet/Russina Entrenching tool set
F72021ERA blocks reactive armour Konakt-1 - type 1 (100+10pc)
F72022ERA blocks reactive armour Konakt-1 - type 2 (100+10pc)
F72025T-34/76 Mod.1943for Zvezda kit
F72026T-34 engine deck & grillsfor Zvezda kit
F72031Soviet/Russian AFV towing cable lug - 3 types12 pcs.
F72036GAZ-AA/AAAfor Ace/MW/UM/Zebrano kits
F72037D-30 howitzer ammo box 4 pcs.
F72038BMP-1/BMD-1 ammo box 4 pcs.
F72039AK-47/74 ammo box 5 pcs
F72040BM-21 Grad ammo box 4 pcs.
F72041T-34-76/ZiS-3 ammo box 4 pcs.
F72042T-34-85/SU-85 ammo box 4 pcs.
F72043SU-100/BS-3 ammo box 4 pcs.
F72044IS-2/ISU-152 ammo box 4 pcs.
F72045TOS-1 "Buratino"for Model Collect kit
F72046T-90for Zvezda kit
F72047T-90/72 engine grills & decksfor Zvezda kit
F72048BM-21 Grad thermal coverfor ICM kit
F72049TOS-1/1A back rocket sidesfor Model Collect kit
F72050WW2 German armored vehicles bracket ties
F72051Soviet/Russian vehicles retroflector set
F72053ZIL-130for AVD Models kit
F72054ZIL-131for AVD Models kit
F72055UNP-350-131for AVD Models kit
F72056Pelena 6BSFM jammer
F72057TOS-1A "Solncepek"for Model Collect kit
F72058Mercedes Benz 770Kfor Ace kit
F72060PNS-110-131for AVD Models kit
F72064Somua S35for S-Model kit
F72066Soviet/Russian tank fuel barrel 200L - welded2 pcs.
F72067Soviet/Russian vehicles blackout headlights10 pcs.
F72068T-54/55 fasteners
F72069T-54-2/3 fuel tanks & spare parts boxes
F72070WW2 U.S.Jerry can 20L10 pcs.
F72071Soviet/Russia tanks wind sensor DVE-BS3 pcs.
F720729K720 Iskander wind sensor DVE-BS2 pcs.
F72073AC-40 (130) - 63Bfor AVD Models kit
F72074AC-40 (131) - 137Afor AVD Models kit
F72075ZIL-130 cabfor AVD Models kit
F72076902B Tucha smoke dischargers10 pcs.
F72079T-64/80 fasteners12 pcs.
F72080T-72/90 fasteners12 pcs.
F72089Vehicle handles & wipers
F72090Buckets - 3 types
F72091WW2 U.S. tank periscope guards
F72092ZIL-131 cabfor AVD Models kit
F72093ZIL-131 trunkfor AVD Models kit
F72095NATO plastic jerry cans
F72096T-14 Armatafor Zvezda kit
F72097BMPT "Terminator"for Zvezda kit
F72098T-34/85 bedspring armorfor Zvezda kit
F72099BMP-1for S-Model kit
F72100BMD-1/2for S-Model kit
F72101BMP-1 engine grills & decksfor S-Model kit
F72102BMD-1/2 engine grills & decksfor S-Model kit
F72103Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf. A/D engine grillsfor Zvezda kit
F72104Kfz.173 Jagdpanther G1 engine grillsfor Zvezda kit
F72105Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I engine grillsfor Zvezda kit
F72106WW2 German tank periscope guards
F72107Rifled antislip panel - type 1 (56x97mm)
F72108Rifled antislip panel - type 2 (56x97mm)
F72115T-64for Model Collect kit
F72116T-64 additional front armor platefor Model Collect kit
F72117T-64/T-72 side shields - early
F72118T-64/T-72 side shields - late
F72119MAZ-543for Model Collect kit
F72120TBS-86for Zedval kit
F72121MAZ-537 wheels - earlyfor Takom kit
F72122WW2 Soviet tank periscope MK4 - opened 5 pcs
F72123WW2 Soviet tank periscope MK4 - closed 5 pcs
F72125BT-7A turretfor UM kit
F72126T-35 correctionfor Zvezda kit
F72127T-34 cast wheels - type 1 (half spider)
F72128T-34 cast wheels - type 2 (half spider)
F72129T-34 cast wheels - type 3 (spider)
F72130T-34 cast wheels - type 4 (spider)
F72131T-34 stamped wheels - type 1
F72132T-34 wheels with inner amortization - Stalingrad type
F72133T-34 wheels with inner amortization - Ural type
F72134T-34 cast wheels - type 5 (spider) - postwar
F72135T-34 cast wheels - type 6 (starfish) - postwar
F72136T-34 stamped wheels - type 2 (without perforation)
F72137T-34 "Waffle" tracks - 500mm - type 1
F72138T-34 sprocket wheel - type 12 pcs.
F72139T-34 idler wheel - type 12 pcs.
F72140T-34 idler wheel - type 22 pcs.
F72141T-34 idler wheel - type 32 pcs.
F72142T-34 wheel - field mod (Panther)2 pcs.

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
F72109WW2 German 200l fuel drums4 pcs.
F72110WW2 German jerry cans - early type

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