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Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
F72002 IS-2 for Zvezda kit      
F72003 ISU-152 for Zvezda kit      
F72004 Dimensional light GST-64 - early 16 pcs.      
F72005 Dimensional light GST-64 - late 16 pcs.      
F72006 Soviet/Russian AFV headlights        
F72007 Soviet/Russian tank fuel barrel 200L - stamped 2 pcs.      
F72008 Barrel 200L GOST 4 pcs.      
T-15 Armata For Zvezda      
Centurion Mk. 3/5 armour shields For ACE      
F72012 Jerrycan 20L GOST 6 pcs.      
Soviet / Russian jerrycans GOST        
F72013Object 279for Takom kit
F72014 URAL-4320 - set 1 for ICM kit      
URAL truck detailing        
F72015 URAL-4320 - set 2 for ICM kit      
ZIL-157 for ICM kit      
F72017 Mercedes-Benz G4 for ICM kit      
F72018 Soviet/Russina Entrenching tool set        
F72019Soviet / Russian AFV periscopes15 pcs.
F72020Soviet vehicles front light - type 18 pcs.
F72021 ERA blocks reactive armour Konakt-1 - type 1 (100+10pc)        
F72022 ERA blocks reactive armour Konakt-1 - type 2 (100+10pc)        
F72023 Mercedes-Benz G4 wheels - early        
F72024 Mercedes-Benz G4 wheels - late        
F72025 T-34/76 Mod.1943 for Zvezda kit      
F72026 T-34 engine deck & grills for Zvezda kit      
F72027 Soviet/Russian vehicle rear light - type 1 8 pcs.      
F72028 Soviet/Russian vehicle rear light - type 2 8 pcs.      
F72029 Soviet/Russian vehicle front light 8 pcs.      
F72030 Soviet/Russian vehicle side mark light 12 pcs.      
F72031 Soviet/Russian AFV towing cable lug - 3 types 12 pcs.      
F72032 Soviet heavy AFV towing hook 5 pcs.      
F72033 Russian heavy AFV towing hook 5 pcs.      
F72034Studebaker US6for PST kit
ZIS-5/6 For PST      
F72036 GAZ-AA/AAA for Ace/MW/UM/Zebrano kits      
F72037 D-30 howitzer ammo box 4 pcs.      
F72038 BMP-1/BMD-1 ammo box 4 pcs.      
F72039 AK-47/74 ammo box 5 pcs      
F72040 BM-21 Grad ammo box 4 pcs.      
F72041 T-34-76/ZiS-3 ammo box 4 pcs.      
F72042 T-34-85/SU-85 ammo box 4 pcs.      
F72043 SU-100/BS-3 ammo box 4 pcs.      
F72044 IS-2/ISU-152 ammo box 4 pcs.      
F72045 TOS-1 "Buratino" for Model Collect kit      
F72046 T-90 for Zvezda kit      
F72047 T-90/72 engine grills & decks for Zvezda kit      
F72048 BM-21 Grad thermal cover for ICM kit      
F72049 TOS-1/1A back rocket sides for Model Collect kit      
F72050 WW2 German armored vehicles bracket ties        
F72051 Soviet/Russian vehicles retroflector set        
F72053 ZIL-130 for AVD Models kit      
F72054 ZIL-131 for AVD Models kit      
F72055 UNP-350-131 for AVD Models kit      
F72056 Pelena 6BSFM jammer        
F72057 TOS-1A "Solncepek" for Model Collect kit      
F72058 Mercedes Benz 770K for Ace kit      
F72060 PNS-110-131 for AVD Models kit      
F72061 L-2AG & L-4AM infrared search light 4 pcs.      
F72062 L-2G & L-4M infrared search light 4 pcs.      
F72063 L-2 & L-4 infrared search light - opened 4 pcs.      
F72064 Somua S35 for S-Model kit      
F72065 Soviet vehicle real light FP-101 8 pcs.      
F72066 Soviet/Russian tank fuel barrel 200L - welded 2 pcs.      
F72067 Soviet/Russian vehicles blackout headlights 10 pcs.      
F72068 T-54/55 fasteners        
F72069 T-54-2/3 fuel tanks & spare parts boxes        
F72070 WW2 U.S.Jerry can 20L 10 pcs.      
F72071 Soviet/Russia tanks wind sensor DVE-BS 3 pcs.      
F72072 9K720 Iskander wind sensor DVE-BS 2 pcs.      
F72073 AC-40 (130) - 63B for AVD Models kit      
F72074 AC-40 (131) - 137A for AVD Models kit      
F72075 ZIL-130 cab for AVD Models kit      
F72076 902B Tucha smoke dischargers 10 pcs.      
F72077 Mercedes-Benz 770K (W-150) wheels        
F72078 Mercedes-Benz 770K (W-150) armored - wheels        
F72079 T-64/80 fasteners 12 pcs.      
F72080 T-72/90 fasteners 12 pcs.      
F72081 MZKT-7930 wheels        
F72082MAZ-543 VI-203 wheels
F72083 MAZ-543 / MZKT-7930 spare wheel        
IDF jerrycans        
F72085 IDF jerrycan holders
F72086 T-14/15 Armata wheels
For Zvezda      
T-14/15 Armata tracks - type 1 For Zvezda      
F72088 T-14/15 Armata tracks - type 2 For Zvezda      
F72089 Vehicle handles & wipers        
F72090 Buckets - 3 types        
F72091 WW2 U.S. tank periscope guards        
F72092 ZIL-131 cab for AVD Models kit      
F72093 ZIL-131 trunk for AVD Models kit      
URAL-4320 trunk        
F72095 NATO plastic jerry cans        
F72096 T-14 Armata for Zvezda kit      
F72097 BMPT "Terminator" for Zvezda kit      
F72098 T-34/85 bedspring armor for Zvezda kit      
F72099 BMP-1 for S-Model kit      
F72100 BMD-1/2 for S-Model kit      
F72101 BMP-1 engine grills & decks for S-Model kit      
F72102 BMD-1/2 engine grills & decks for S-Model kit      
F72103 Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf. A/D engine grills for Zvezda kit      
F72104 Kfz.173 Jagdpanther G1 engine grills for Zvezda kit      
F72105 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I engine grills for Zvezda kit      
F72106 WW2 German tank periscope guards        
F72107 Rifled antislip panel - type 1 (56x97mm)        
F72108 Rifled antislip panel - type 2 (56x97mm)        
F72109 WW2 German 200l fuel drums 4 pcs.      
F72110 WW2 German jerry cans - early type 10 pcs.      
F72111 PTURS "Malyutka" for BMP-1/BMD-1 2 pcs.      
F72112 PTURS "Malyutka" 6 pcs.      
F72113 OU-3GA searchlight 5 pcs      
F72114 OU-5M searchlight 5 pcs.      
F72115 T-64 for Model Collect kit      
F72116 T-64 additional front armor plate for Model Collect kit      
F72117 T-64/T-72 side shields - early        
F72118 T-64/T-72 side shields - late        
F72119 MAZ-543 for Model Collect kit      
F72120 TBS-86 for Zedval kit      
F72121 MAZ-537 wheels - early for Takom kit      
F72122 WW2 Soviet tank periscope MK4 - opened 5 pcs      
F72123 WW2 Soviet tank periscope MK4 - closed 5 pcs      
F72125 BT-7A turret for UM kit      
F72126 T-35 correction for Zvezda kit      
F72127 T-34 cast wheels - type 1 (half spider)        
F72128 T-34 cast wheels - type 2 (half spider)        
F72129 T-34 cast wheels - type 3 (spider)        
F72130 T-34 cast wheels - type 4 (spider)        
F72131 T-34 stamped wheels - type 1        
F72132 T-34 wheels with inner amortization - Stalingrad type        
F72133 T-34 wheels with inner amortization - Ural type        
F72134 T-34 cast wheels - type 5 (spider) - postwar        
F72135 T-34 cast wheels - type 6 (starfish) - postwar        
F72136 T-34 stamped wheels - type 2 (without perforation)        
F72137 T-34 "Waffle" tracks - 500mm - type 1        
F72138 T-34 sprocket wheel - type 1 2 pcs.      
F72139 T-34 idler wheel - type 1 2 pcs.      
F72140 T-34 idler wheel - type 2 2 pcs.      
F72141 T-34 idler wheel - type 3 2 pcs.      
F72142 T-34 wheel - field mod (Panther) 2 pcs.      
Chieftain Mk.10/11 armour shields For Takom      
F7214912.7mm DShK / Kord ammo box9 pcs.
F7215012.7mm NSVT "Utyos" ammo box6 pcs.
F7215112.7mm NSVT "Utyos" ammo box for T-806 pcs.
F721527.62mm Maxim ammo box.9 pcs.
F72153GAZ Tiger KI-115 wheels - hub cover type 1
F72154GAZ Tiger KI-115 wheels - hub cover type 2
F72155GMC 353 / Studebaker US6 wheels
F72156MAZ-537 VI-202 wheels - late
F72157MAZ-537 VI-202 spare wheel
F72158ZIS-5 wheels
F72159ZIS-6 wheels
F72160T-90MSfor Zvezda kit
F72161BMP-1 tracks
F72162BMP-1 wheels
F72163T-34 stamped wheels - type 3
F72164T-34 stamped wheels - type 4
F72165URAL-4320/375 (OI-25) wheels
F72166URAL-4320 (Kama-1260) wheels
F72167URAL-4320/5557 (ID-P284) wheels
F72169ZIL-130 (I-N142BM) wheels
F72170ZIL-131 (M-93) wheels
F72171ZIL-157 (K-70) wheels
F72175KV-1 earlyfor Trumpeter kit
F72176KV-1 latefor Trumpeter kit
F72177KV-2for Trumpeter kit
F72178ChMZAP-5247 (Y-190) wheels
F72181T-90MS side skitsfor Zvezda kit
F72182S-300/400for Model Collect kit
F72183KV-220for Trumpeter kit
F721842S35 Koalitsia-SVfor Zvezda kit
F72187Soviet / Russian AFV entrenching tools
F72188Soviet / RussianFire vehicle extinguishers
F72189Soviet / Russian vehicle pintle hooks
F72190KV-1 initial turret
F72191KV-1 simplified turret

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
F72109WW2 German 200l fuel drums4 pcs.   

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