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Believed to be from Germany and now out of business. Produced a line of resin accessories & diorama items.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
ZUB-72013 Crates, 3 Barrels, 4 Canisters    
ZUB-720215 Crates different sizes    
ZUB-720315 Barrels different sizes    
ZUB-720425 Sandbags    
ZUB-72108.8cm Munition crates    
ZUB-7220Large load: 20 Crates, 20 Barrels, 6 Canisters, 1 Tarp    

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
KIR-7203Church ruins Pilsen    
KIR-7204Church ruins Stendal    
KIR-7206Church ruins Lemberg    
STR-7202House ruins with bunker    
STR-7204Apartment House ruins 04    
STR-7205Apartment House ruins 05    
STR-7211Town Hall ruins    
STR-7212Ruined House Corner    
GBD-7201Ruins Tunis    
GBD-7203Factory ruins with street    
GBD-7208German "Reichsministerium"    
GBD-7209Headquarter Berlin    
GBD-7210Headquarter Tripoli    
GBD-7212Russian Farmhouse    
GBD-7214Polish Church Tower    
BUK-7202Rock Bunker Arnd    
BUK-7204Wooden Bunker    
BUK-7208Bunker Normandy    
DIO-7203Gun Emplacement Theodor    
DIO-7207Street with church front    
SON-7202MG & Emplacements    
SON-7208Bridge Arnheim    
SON-7211Rock and Craters    
SON-7214Ground Flats A    
SON-7215Ground Flats B    

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Kit list last updated 29 October 2013