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Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
RI-7203 Jawa 50 20/21 Pionyr motorcycleresin   
RI-7204Skoda PA-Iresin   
RI-7205Skoda PA-IIIresin   
RI-7206Skoda PA-III (Fu) Beuteresin   
RI-7207Skoda PA-IIresin   
RI-7208Skoda PA-II (Fu) Beuteresin   
RI-7209Sd.Kfz.304 Springerresin   

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
71001Soviet WWII fuel drumsresin; 6 pieces   
71002Soviet WWII jerrycansresin; 3 pieces   
71006Panzerschreck Very delicate and well detailed resin and PE parts for 3 Panzerschrecks (with protective shield) and 6 rockets. The ends of the tubes are hollowed out. No instructions or pictures of the assembled weapons are given, so the modeler will need to do some research. Length and shape of the tube seems spot on, while the length of the rockets seems to be more difficult to assess. Most pictures and dimensions I find show a rocket with a substantially longer shaft, while a few show a model that has a shorter shaft, which the resin parts capture well. I am not sure if the shorter model was regularly used on the Panzerschreck, though.- R. Haelterman   

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Kit list last updated 25 October 2020