Produits MP
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Believed to be from France.

Diorama Items
Most items appear to be cast plaster. Some are dual marketed for 1/72 and HO scale dioramas.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72021/72 House Ruin #1 Europe
72031/72 Building Ruin
72041/72 Farm Ruin
72061/72 bomb craters 4 Pieces
7207Sand Bag Gun Emplacement
7208Wood Gun Emplacement
H02030 Tree stumps HO & 1/72
H027HO & 1/72 sand bags, Flour, seed or cement
H027HO & 1/72 Wood Barrels
H031HO & 1/72 Barrel, drum, bags - flour, seed, cement, sand
H036HO & 1/72 small stacked bags, flour, seed, cement

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Kit list last updated 17 July 2013