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Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
OM 72001M4A2 Sherman "Welded Hoods"Resin Conversion
OM 72002M4 Sherman Small HatchResin Conversion
OM 72003M4 Sherman "Big Hatch"Resin Conversion
OM 72004M4A1 Sherman "Cast-In Applique"Resin Conversion
OM 72005M4 Sherman Mk.IC "Hybrid"Resin Conversion
OM 72006M4A2 Sherman Direct VisionResin Conversion
OM 72008M4 Sherman Composite Hull EarlyResin Conversion
OM 72009M4 Sherman Composite Hull LateResin Conversion
OM 72010M113 Interior SetResin Upgrade

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Kit list last updated 27 November 2014