Model Dream
website: (defunct) email: info(at)modeldream(dot)it (defunct)
Resin manufacturer from Italy that appears to be out of business. They also produced some diorama items and accessories.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
72/001 VCC1 Camillino APC   
72/003 German WR200B Locomotive   
72/008 Street Tram Model "601"   

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
72/002 M113 wheels   

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
E72/001 Italian Country House      
E72/002 French Cottage      
E72/003 Two Floor Building      
E72/004 House with shop      
E72/005 House      
E72/006 Shed      
E72/007 Arabian House      
E72/008 Demolished House Corner      
E72/009 Little Stone Building      
E72/010 Bunker Pillbox      
E72/011 German Bunker      
E72/012 Electric Cabin      
E72/013 Garage Entry with Pump      
E72/014 Church      
E72/015 Demolished Wall      
E72/016 Farmhouse      
A72/001 Wall Sections      
A72/002 Wall Assembly      
A72/003 ISO Standard Intermodal Shipping Container      
A72/004 Three Chapels      
A72/005 Fountain, Well and Tree Stumps      
A72/006 Hexagonal Fountain      
A72/007 Three Fountains      
A72/008 Drums and Sand Bags      
A72/009 Anti Tank Obstacle      
A72/010 Sand Bag Barricade      
A72/011 African Cippus      
A72/012 African Stele      
A72/013 Obelisk      
A72/014 Complete Wharf      
A72/015 Wharf Part      
A72/016 Wharf Part with Stairs      
A72/017 Wharf Accessories      
A72/018 Lighthouse      
A72/019 Base 10x15cm      
A72/020 Base 10x15cm Gravel Path      
A72/021 Road Section Two Pieces      
A72/022 Cross Roads      
A72/023 Cross-Roads "T"      
A72/024 Four Piece Curve      
A72/025 Crater      
A72/026 Three Piece Railway      
A72/027 Corrugated Sheet      
A72/028 Anti-aircraft Bunker      
A72/029 New Jersey Barriers      
72/004 Panther Turret Bunker type1      
72/005 Panther Turret Bunker type2      

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Kit list last updated 03 July 2010