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From China. Model Collect originally marketed pre-built models but is now producing models in kit form and have started a line of decals.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
MA72001 E-75 8.8cm with interior        
MA72002 E-50 8.8cm with interior        
MA72007 BMP-3 with interior and crew        
MA72009 M983A2 HEMTT & MAZ 7410
MA72011 Iskander 9K720        
UA72001 Russian Army T-90A main battle tank Suspension arms on the hull bottom are incorrectly molded without any offset, something that the new hulls should rectify. - Simon Barnes      
UA72002 Russian Army T-90 main battle tank See comments for kit 72001 above.      
UA72003 Russian Army TOS-1A Rocket Launchers Mutlimedia. Lower hull is diecast metal. Rest of the kit is in plastic.      
UA72004 T-72A        
UA72005 T-72B2 "Rogatka"        
UA72006 T-72B        
UA72007 T-72B with ERA        
UA72008 TOS-1        
UA72009 TOS-1A        
UA72010 T-90MS        
UA72011 T-72B1 with ERA        
UA72012 T-64 Model 1972        
UA72013 T-64 Model 1975 The instructions are wrong. Step 6 in the instructions would have you assemble the main hull (excluding the glacis), but if you do, you will be unable to attach the lower hull. It needs to be slid under bulges under the main hull, which can't be done once both side sponsons are attached. I would recommend that you attach one sponson only. This also means that you can't apply paint separately to the running gear and the hull. The second error is the numbering of the axles. D8 and D4 are (I think) reversed, and won't align properly. Plus D14 and D10, if inserted into the predrilled holes are also out of alignment. In the end, as I am using this primarily for wargaming, I laid the tracks down, then bent the axles slightly to make sure they were level, and added a drop of superglue to each axle, and to the reverse of each roadwheel, to keep it fixed and level. Otherwise a nice kit (albeit tricky) that is very much needed, the T64 formed the front-line armour of Russian units in the central zone during the Cold War. The 1975 model would have been in the thick of any conventional combat at a critical historical juncture. The lack of a decent kit in "Braille Scale" has been a major omission to date. - Doug Melville      
UA72014 T-64 Model 1981        
UA72015 T-72BA        
UA72016 BMP-3 early        
UA72017 E-75 8.8cm        
UA72018 E-50   Preview    
UA72019 E-75 Flakpanzer mit Flak 55        
UA72020 E-50 Flakpanzer mit Flak 55   Preview    
UA72023 T-64BV   Preview    
UA72024 T-80B   Preview    
UA72025 T-80BV   Preview    
UA72026 T-80BVD        
UA72027 T-80U        
UA72028 T-80UD        
UA72029 E-75 12,8cm   Preview    
UA72031 Rheintochter R1        
UA72032 9K720 Iskander-K MZKT        
UA72033 V-1 Fieseler Fi 103 with starting ramp   Preview    
UA72034 BMP-3E        
UA72035 BMP-3 mid        
UA72036 E-100 Stug        
UA72037 T-64BM Bulat        
UA72038 T-72 B3/M3M   Preview    
UA72039 E-100 Schwerer Panzer Ausf.B        
UA72040 E-50 10,5cm        
UA72041 T-80B (top detail)        
UA72043 Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSyms 80        
UA72044 T72AV Main Battle Tank        
UA72045 S-300 (SA-10 Grumble) 5P85S/SD        
UA72047 BM-30 Smerch (9K58)        
MAZ-7410 & ChMZAP-9990        
UA72050 BMP-3 with ERA        
130mm coastal defense gun A-222 "Bereg"        
UA72052 S-300PM/PMU (SA-10 Grumble) 5P85D        
UA72053 E-50 SPG with 105/L62        
UA72054 E-75 SPG with 128/L55        
UA72055 BMP3 with Cage Armour        
UA72056 GAZ-66 2 kits      
UA72057 T-80UM2 (Black Eagle)        
UA72058 T-14 Armata   Preview    
UA72059 T-64AV        
UA72060 T-80UK        
UA72061 T-80UE-1        
UA72063 T-80UM1        
UA72064 MAZ-7911        
UA72065 T-64BM2        
UA72066 T-72BM Model 1989 with cage armour        
UA72067 E-100 Flakpanzer 8.8cm        
UA72068 E-100 mit Maus turm        
UA72069 E-75 Jagdpanther with 128cm/L55 gun        
UA72070 E-50 StuG with 105/L62 gun        
UA72071 V1 auf E-100
UA72072 Rheintochter R1   Preview    
UA72073 V1 auf E-50        
UA72074 E-50 with 88/L71 gun        
UA72076 Rheintochter 1 auf E-100        
UA72077 M983 HEMTT with Pershing II rocket        
UA72080 M983A2 HEMTT Tractor & Patriot PAC-3        
UA72082 T-72BM with Kontakt-1
UA72083 M983A2 HEMTT & M870A1 semi-trailer        
UA72084 M1001 MAN with Pershing ?        
UA72086 Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSys 50 2 kits      
UA72089 E-100 Ausf.C mit 12,8cm gun        
UA72092 Rheintochter 1 auf E-75        
UA72094 12.8cm Flak 40 ModelCollect appears to have cheated and made the cruciform base based on that of the 10.5 cm Flak 38 instead of the 12.8 cm Flak 40.
Here is the 12.8 cm Flak.
Here is the 10.5 cm Flak.
Here is a picture of the ready-made model (built from the ModelCollect kit).

I don't want to bias the reader; have a look at the 3 pictures first before deciding for yourself. - Timothy Lau

UA72095 54K6E "Baikal"        
M1014 MAN & BGM-109G        
UA72097 E-100 mit 12.8cm Flak 40 Zwilling   Preview    
UA72098 12.8cm Flak 40 "Zwilling"   Preview    
UA72099 E-50 mit 12.8cm Flak 40   Preview    
UA72105 9K720 Iskander-M MZKT        
UA72107 E-75 heavy panzer        
V1 auf E-100        
UA72113 E-75 Rheintochter 1        
UA72114 S-400 early        
UA72115 E-75 Gerat 58        
UA72116 Jagdpanzer E-100 170cm gun        
UA72117 E-75 Flak 40 Zwilling panzer        
UA72118 12,8cm Flak 40 Auf Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSys 50 I am not all that familiar with train cars with mounted flak, but even I could see that the model kit looks nothing like reality. Here and here are pictures of real train cars.
There are structure at the ends of the cars that are not represented in the kit. In addition, the kit lacks the platform extensions needed for the crew to stand on when the gun rotates.
Note, by the way, that ModelCollect appeared to have created two box cover graphics for the kit:
this one and this one.
The second graphics look more like the real thing. But available materials from Supermodel suggests that the kit contents are consistent with the first graphic.
That's no good. The kit is probably best built with the train car and gun completely separate. The train car can be a tank transporter and the gun can fit into a diorama for a fixed emplacement. It cannot be used to build what it is supposed to represent. - Timothy Lau

UA72119 M1001 MAN KAT1        
UA72121 MAN KAT1 M1013 8x8        
UA72124 T-90M early        
M1014 MAN KAT1 & M870A1
UA72126 E-100 "Nothung"        
UA72127 TOS-2 Armata        
UA72128 T-64AV/BV        
UA72130 T-90M 2017        
UA72131 T-72 SIM1        
M1014 MAN KAT1 8x8        
UA72133 E-100 mit 12,8cm Flak 40 zwilling
UA721389K72 "Elbrus" (Scud-B) with R-17 rocket
UA72139 E-75 Ausf.Vierfubler "Einauge" & "Janus"        
UA72141 Wasserfall Ferngelenkte FlaRakete 2 kits      
UA72144Sturm E-75 38cm
UA72148 Austratt Fort - 28cm Caesar turm & 2 x 12,8cm Flak 40 zwilling
UA72151 E-100 Stug 38cm        
UA72153 MAZ-7410 with ChMZAP-9990 & T-80BV        
UA72158 WWII German tank transport train 6 kits      
UA72165MZKT 7930
UA72171 V-1 Auf Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSys 50        
UA72172Wasserfall auf SSYS flatbed railcar
UA72173 S-300/S400 (4 variants)        
UA72192 28cm Kanone 3 Auf Lastenträger E-75        
UA72193 T-80B/BV or BVD (1970-1990s)        
UA72194 T-72A/B/AV/BV or B1 (1970-90s)        

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
 Common Soviet/Russian Army    

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