Mister Panzer
Resin kits from Italy. Some are re-releases of former Da.Ga. kits. They also make diorama accessories.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
7001 Italian MBT C-1 Ariete      
7002 VCC Camallino APC Modern Italian APC based on M113.    
7003 Italian Gun 149 A Ex-Da.Ga. kit.    
7004 Italian Truck Fiat 15 ter Ex-Da.Ga. kit. Preview  
7005 Italian Truck Fiat 18 BL Ex-Da.Ga. kit.    
7006 Italian Car 500 A "Topolino"      
7007 Italian SP Gun 105/14 Conversion for RPM FT-17.    
7009 VCC Dardo APC Modern Italian APC.    
7010 Ansaldo 90/53 Italian SP Gun      
7011 Centauro Modern Italian tank destroyer. Preview  
7014 Sidam 25 Italian A/A vehicle based on M113.    
7022 Autoblinda Puma 4x4      
7023 Autoblinda Puma 6x6      

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
72501 Tobruk with FT-17 turret      
72502 Bunker MG      
72503 Emplacement for 88mm AA gun      
72504 Milestones      
72505 Emplacement for small gun      

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Kit list last updated 02 November 2010