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Made in Germany. Almost exclusively a manufacturer of HO scale items. Below are the know items that we know are suitable for 1/72 scale. Anyone knowing of any further items would you please contact us.

Listed as HO scale but should work well with 1/72 scale.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
2369 Wood Barrels Varying sizes. Approx. 70 pieces.
2370 Wood Crates Varying sizes. Approx. 90 pieces. Injected plastic.

What more can be said than these are pretty much your standard looking wood crates in similar sizes and configurations as offered by a plethora of other manufacturers. Boxes are well molded for the most part though in my set the larger boxes do have some sink marks. Wood grain is present and quite fine. There is some flash requiring removal. If you require a large amount of generic wooden crates to provide some clutter then you can't go too wrong with this set.- Al Magnus

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Kit list last updated 18 December 2013