Mars Figures
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Nothing known about location for this manufacturer. Previously appeared under the Archipelago name.

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Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 Russian (Post WWII) Spetsnaz Paratroopers, Afghanistan soft plastic figures      
72002 Mujahideen soft plastic figures      
72003 U.S. soldiers - modern soft plastic figures      
72012 Soviet WWII Assault Group soft plastic figures      
72013 German WWII auto mechanics soft plastic figures      
72017 US Infantry WWII with 37mm gun soft plastic figures      
72022 Japanese Infantry with 75mm mountain gun soft plastic figures      
SS infantry 1944-45        
Imperial japanese infantry        
72108 Panzergrenadiers
72109 WW2 Japanese paratroopers
72110 Luftwaffe Field Division infantry (WWII)
40 figures in 8 poses      
SS Infantry in winter uniforms        
72112 Kriegsmarine infantry        
72113 WW2 German Don Cossacks        
72114 Finnish Army in winter dress 1942-1944
72115 WW2 Russian Infantry
WW2 Russian Assault Troops        
WW2 German Volkssturm        
72118 WW2 German Night Hunters        
72119 WW2 German Paratroopers in tropical uniform        
72120 WW2 US Paratroopers        

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Kit list last updated 31 March 2021