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From the Czech Repliblic.

Diorama Items
Cast in resin.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
A72001Furniture - set A
A72002Furniture - set B
A72003Plastic stretcher9 pcs.
A72004Italian roof tiles
A72005Grass block10 pcs.
A72006Tetrapod block 2t5 pcs.
A72007Road panel 300x100cm8 pcs.
A72008Road panel 300x150cm6 pcs.
A72009L wall 100cm6 pcs.
A72009L wall 100cm6 pcs.
A72010L wall 200cm6 pcs.
A72011L wall 375cm5 pcs.
A72012US Army Anti-blast wall block 400cm4 pcs.

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Kit list last updated 30 June 2020