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Decals from Greece.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Preview Review Articles
LM72001 The M113 APC and M106 mortar carrier in Hellenic service and Cypriot service
LM72002 The M24 Light Tank in Hellenic service
  Preview Rob Haelterman  
LM72003 The Willys MB 1/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 51/52 3/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 54 ambulance, Dodge WC 62 6x6 truck in Hellenic service   Preview    
LM72004 The M35 2.5 ton truck and M49 Fuel truck, GMC CCKW 353 2.5 ton truck, CCW 353 2.5 - 5 ton truck, GMC CCKW 353 750 gal. fuel tanker, in Hellenic service
LM72005 Hellenic Army 19th Mot. Div. vehicle Greece 1941
LM72006 Hellenic Army Generic markings & registration numbers 1950 - 1967
LM72007 RAF & RN special vehicle markings
LM72008 Hellenic Army Tactical Signs        
LM72008-2Hellenic Army Tactical Signs with Tactical Sign holderssame decals as LM72008 plus two pairs of resin sign holders
LM72009 M48, M48A3, M48A5 & M48A5 MOLF tanks and M88A1 ARV in Hellenic and Cypriot service, M60A1 & M60A3 tanks in Hellenic service        
LM72010 Leopard 1 & 2 tanks in Hellenic Army service        
LM72016Cypriot National Guard vehicles 1960 - 1975
LM72019British vehicle census numbers WWII
LM72020RAF command markings WWII

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Kit list last updated 11 November 2017