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Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
10BJapanese Type 'C' Landing craft /patrol boat
13BJapanese Type 'A' (Army) Landing craft Including 1 crew

Diorama Items
Most items cast in resin at 20mm or 25mm/28mm scale. Check company's website for more information.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
1APack of 4 metal signs - Tavern, Shoemaker, Blacksmith, Apothecary
1BAnti tank/gun position
1TButter Market-octaganol, open sided with paved areaEnglish Style
1TATwo rustic brick piers with ball coping suitable for gateway2/pack
2ABroken brick wall section
2BSmall bunker/machine gun position/command post
2TAHigh brick wall 20 mm high 80 mm long2/pack
3ACorner wall section
3BSmall shell holes5 pieces
3TAHigh brick corner 20 high 40 long
4AStraight brick wall section
4B3-4 man sandbagged slit trench
4TAHigh brick wall damaged section 20 high 80 long (2 per pack)2/pack
5AFive bar gate metal
5BCircular sandbagged support weapon emplacement
5TSingle span stone bridge with embellished piersEnglish Style
5TAHigh brick/Low brick connecting piece, this connects the two different height walls together
6BBarbed wire sections2 pieces per pack 50mm long
6TALow brick wall 12 high 80 long (2 per pack)2/pack
6TAButcher, Baker, Candlestick maker, row of three shops in kentish framingEnglish Style
7AStraight hedge section
7BAssorted stowage for tanks, lorries etc10 pieces
7TCoaching InnEnglish Style
7TALow brick corner 12 mm high 40 long (2 per pack)2/pack
8ACorner hedge section
8B9 Dragons teeth on textured base 75mm x 65mm
8TOld country Farmhouse, in true rustic style with stone chimney and attic windowsEnglish Style
8TALow brick wall damaged (2 per pack)2/pack
9B9 concrete block tank traps on textured base
9TToll Bridge double arched in stone with Toll houseEnglish Style
9TATwo rustic piers Damaged
10AFive different grave stonesmetal
10TSingle arched stone humped back bridgeEnglish Style
10TAHigh corner damaged
11AStone trough and pumpresin & metal
11BAdvanced first aid post/two man bivouac
11TPigsty comprising of sty, four pieces of hurdle fence English Style
11TALow corner damaged
12BSandbagged emplacement2/pack
12TALow planked fencing2/pack. Goes well with Eastern Front, 80mm long, 15mm high
13AWooden trough(resin)
13TALow planked corner fencing 40 long 15mm high2/pack
14AOrnate circular fountain with lion head water spouts
14BPair of 'Blitzed' Houses
14TATable plus two chairs, goblets, plates, wne bottle, tankards, and roast chicken, on plate,
15AGrain sacks3 assorted random groups
15BRuined House with detachable roof and first floor
15TATwo Chairsmetal
16ACrates & Sacks
16BCorner block ruin
16TAStool and benchmetal
17AFive Barrels assorted sizes
17BRuined Industrial Building
18AFive Barrels assorted sizes containing fruit
18BRuined factory chimney with small outhouse attached
19ASix Groups of cornstooks
19BThree storey ruin with two detachable floors companion model for 16B
20AEuropean style Haystack
20BCorner 'L' section wall with loose floor
21ABiscuit box and mealie bag barricade2 per pack, 95 mm long per piece
21B'T" wall section with detachable floors
22AMealie bag barricade2 per pack, 95 mm long per piece
22BCorner wall section with door, stairs and floors
23ARail fencing (redesigned)
23BRow of three shops with detachable roofs
24AWooden water trough and pump
24BRuined Turbine/Power houseSuitable companion for 17B
25ASix assorted urns and jugs plus carpet metal & resin
25BTwo continental style Telegraph poles with cross trees
26A4" Palm tree ready to play
26BTwo continental style telegraph poles with side insulators
27A5" Palm tree ready to play
27BEuropean Farmhouse rendered with outside privy,outside steps to second floorComes with two sets of detachable roofs one set complete one ruined
28A6" Palm tree ready to play
28BSmall ruined farm out building.Click here for complete Farm set
29ABaskets/barrels of assorted fruit
29BPigeonnier with detachable roof with stone steps to second floor
30ALow balustrade walls 3" long 2 oer pack
30BDerelict/ruined cart shed, with arched door ways
31ALow balustrade walls with pilar to form gateway 2 per pack
31BTwo man Sanger 2 per pack. sangers were constructed where rocky ground made it impossible to dig
32ALow balustrade corner section 2 per pack
32BDamaged machine Gun/Obsevation bunker with detachable roof
32BaM/G obsevation bunker with detachable roof
33ALog Pile plus chopping stump with axe
33BFarm house with detachable thatched roof with rendered wallsEastern Front
34BLog Barn (double storey )with detachable planked roof with detailed interiorEastern Front
35BRuined version of 33B Farm House with sandbagged windowsEastern Front
40BRuined row of terraced houses
C1Dutch style wagon setComprising of wagon plus 2 heavy draught horses and peasant drover in smock
C1aHay Load
C1bBlank insert to cover wagon wheel archesTo enable loads C1c through C1f to fit wagon. One blank only needed per wagon. Loads C1c through C1f can also be used as free standing pieces
C1cMixed load of Barrels & Sacks
C1fOpen sacks of fruit or vegtables
C2Pair of heavy horses
C4Pair of light horses (no equipment)
C6Billy Goat
C7Two fat pigs
C8Sow plus four piglets
C10Two cows
C11Cow plus calf
C12Cockerel plus four chickens
C13Two chickens with two sets of chicks
C16Shepherd holding lamb plus sheep dog
C17Three sheep different poses
C18Bounding Ram
C19Ram plus two sheep
C21Grazing cow
C22Laying cow
C23Farrowing pig
C24Pair of nanny goats
C25Nanny goat and two kids
C26Four Geese
C27Four and a half ducks
C28Pair of turkeys
C29Tom and Jerry, cat with large mouse or rat
C30Ewe plus two lambs
C37Table, two chairs ,goblets, plates, wine bottle, tankards and a roast chicken on a plate
C38Two chairs
C39Form and a three legged stool
H1Log house with thatched roofRussian Style
H2Large log house with planked roofRussian Style
H3Timbered ChurchRussian Style
H4Long House or meeting houseRussian Style
H5Ruined version of H1 log houseRussian Style
H6Ruined version of H2 large houseRussian Style
H10Three storey house with ornate balconySpanish Style
H11Double three storey house with ornate balconySpanish Style
H12Small lean-to buildingSpanish Style
H13Taverna with arched porch. Rear doors are openSpanish Style
H14Building with archway and wooden balconySpanish Style
H15Straight wall with buttressSpanish Style, 125 mm long, 3 variations
H16Arched gateway with buttressesSpanish Style, 125 mm long
H17Corner wall section with buttressSpanish Style
H18Spanish ChurchSpanish Style
H18BTower for Spanish ChurchSpanish Style
H19Wayside religious crossSpanish Style
H1BLog house as above with planked roofRussian Style
H20Village fountainSpanish Style
H21Set of two balconiesSpanish Style, suitable for H10, H11 H14 H18b
H2BLarge log house with Thatched roofRussian Style
H30Small HouseMiddle east
H31Oblong two storey house stairs to roofMiddle east
H32Square two storey house outside stairs to first and second floorMiddle east
H33'L' shaped house outside stairs to roofMiddle east
H34Ruin comprising of three corners plus block cornerMiddle east
H35Domed roof houseMiddle east
H36Low rendered wallMiddle east, 125 mm long. 3 variations
H37Low rendered corner wall 2 variationsMiddle east
H38Sudanese thatched hutMiddle east
H39Open archway suitable for H36 &H37Middle east
H40Arabic TombMiddle east, First floor /domed section is detachable. Base section has horn like projections on corners and detailed interior. 140mm square 118mm to top of dome
H49African mud hut a round hut suitable for the African WarsMiddle east
H50Church, stone built with buttresses, ornate windows, bell tower with spire, Suitable for battles such as Luethen 1757 and Ligny 1815.European Style
H51High brick walling straightEuropean Style, 125mm long
H52High brick wall with plain wooden gate, suitable for the North gate at Hougoumont 125 mm longEuropean Style
H53High brick walling cornerEuropean Style, 63mm long
H54Ruined Church suitable for Medieval to W.W.IIEuropean Style
H55La Belle Alliance Inn 1815European Style
H56'Pieck' House/Shop Half rendered Dutch house with ornate scroll brick gableEuropean Style
H57'Bouchoute' House 16th. century three storey Flemish house with typical staircase shaped facadeEuropean Style
H58'Tanners Guild House' 17th. century Low countries town house three storey,swan necked gableEuropean Style
H59Coaching Inn. Double stepped gable with wooden facade over gateway. Ornamental Dormers and a water troughEuropean Style
H60Stable block stepped gable ends, outside steps to hayloft ,dovecote on the roof. Suitable on it's own or as a companion to H59European Style
H61Bruges Tower with chamfered spire with four ridged roof dormersEuropean Style
H63FarmhouseOld European Style
H64Stable/Cowshed with covered gatewayOld European Style
H65Large barnOld European Style
H66Piggery and wall sectionOld European Style
H67Main gate with dovecoteOld European Style
H68Corner wallOld European Style
H69Complete La Haye Sainte farm setOld European Style

Most items cast in resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
C3Tall farmer dressed in smock on foot with sitting dog
C5Farm hand with pitch fork
C14Blacksmith shoeing horse plus helper and anvil
C15Farm girl feeding two chickens
C20Wealthy Farmer
C31Inn Keeper
C32Inn Keeper's wife
C33Serving wench
C34Pair of drunks
C35Man with Tankard in his hand
C36Two seated drunks and two chairs

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Kit list last updated 15 October 2015