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Resin accessories.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
GP-001 T-72A/M1 turret For Revell kit.      
GP-002 T-34/76 UZTM type "stamped" turret - early/mid For Dragon & Zvezda kits.      
GP-72003SU-100M / SD-100for Zvezda kit
GP-72004Т-34/85 183 factory turret - early
GP-72005Tiger I upgrade setfor Zvezda kit
GP-72006Tiger II/E-50/E-75 upgrade setfor Revell/Model Collect kits
GP-72007Т-34/85 upgrade setfor Zvezda kit
GP-72008DSHKM ammo box
GP-72009U.S. Army modern ammunition box - large20 pcs.
GP-72010U.S. cal 50 ammo box30 pcs.
GP-72011T-54-3/T-54A turretfor Trumpeter kit
GP-72012T-54-2/T-54-3 engine deck - earlyfor Trumpeter kit
GP-72013T-54-2/T-54-3 engine deck - latefor Trumpeter kit
GP-72014WW2 tank accessories set
GP-72015WW2 German heavy tanks commander's cupolas mix3 pcs.
GP-72015ATiger I commander's cupola3 pcs.
GP-72015BTiger II commander's cupola3 pcs.
GP-72015CPanther Ausf.F / E-panzer commander's cupola
GP-72017Sherman / Pershing / Chaffee commander's cupola
GP-72018T-34/85 factory No.112 turret - initial 1943 with gun D5Т
GP-72019T-34/76 commander's cupola3 pcs.
GP-72020T-34/85 factory No.112 turret - post warfor Zvezda kit
GP-72021T-34/85 factory No.112 turret - late 1944for Zvezda kit
GP-72022T--55 late / T-62 fuel tank3 pcs.
GP-72023T-34/85 factory No.112 center seam style turret - late 1944for Zvezda kit
GP-72024T-34/85 factory No.112 turret - spring 1944for Zvezda kit
GP-72025T-34/85 Czechoslovak Mod.1953 turretfor Zvezda kit
GP-72026T-34/85 Czechoslovak Mod.1953 conversionfor Zvezda kit
GP-72027Jagdpanther upgrade setfor Zvezda kit
GP-72028T-44 turret
GP-72029T-34/85 zavod No.112 rear deckfor Zvezda kit
GP-72030Russian modern lamp mask4x2 pcs.
GP-72031T-34/85 zavod No.174 - 1944 - type Afor Zvezda kit
GP-72032T-34/85 zavod No.174 - 1944 - type Bfor Zvezda kit
GP-72033Tiger I rear storage bins - not standard
GP-72034T-34/76 Mod.1942 factory No.183 turretfor Zvezda kit
GP-72035T-34/76 Mod.1943 factory No.183 turret with com. cupolafor Zvezda kit
GP-72036T-34-T ARV Mod.1944
GP-72037T-34-T ARV Mod.1947
GP-72038T-34M Mod.1942 turret
GP-72039T-34/76 Mod.1942 factory No.183 cell style turret - earlyfor Zvezda kit
GP-72040Syrian army Laser range finder
GP-72041Syrian anti Missile Defense Box "SARAB-1"
GP-72042T-34/76 UZTM stamped turret "formochka" with com. cupolafor Zvezda kit
GP-72043T-34/76 ChKZ/UZTM Mod.1942 softedge turretfor Zvezda kit
GP-72044T-34/76 ChKZ/UZTM Mod.1942 softedge turret with com.cupolafor Zvezda kit
GP-72045IDF Urdan comander's cupola (1+1pc)
GP-72046Beute T-34/76 "Das Reich" Kursk 1943for Zvezda kit
GP-72047T-34/85 zavod no.112 - center cross turret - mod. 1944for Zvezda kit
GP-72048T-34/85 zavod no.183 turret - mod. 08/1944for Zvezda kit
GP-72049Centurion Mk.3/Mk.5 canvas coverfor Ace kit
GP-72050Centurion Mk.5/1 (Australian) canvas coverfor Ace kit
GP-72051T-34/76 rear large fuel tanks2 pcs.

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Accessory List last updated 05 June 2019