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From Russia. The company at one time appeared to have gone out of business. It appears that it has now been revived.

Primarily resin. Some sets have etched metal parts as well.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
dt001IS-7 gun muzzle brake - normal typ
dt002IS-7 gun muzzle brake - simplified typ
dt003IS-2/ISU-122S gun muzzle brake
dt0042A42 gun body2 pcs.
dt005Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I Ausf.H1 & E early gun muzzle brake
dt006Tiger II & Panther Ausf.A late/ G gun muzzle brake
dt007Tiger I Ausf.E & Pather Ausf.D/A gun muzzle brake
dt0102A42 gun muzzel brake5 pcs
dt011M48 Patton Y-type gun muzzle brake
dt01252-K gun muzzle brake
dt014BMP-2/3 PKT machine gun barrel5 pcs
dt015M48 Patton T-type gun muzzle brake
dt016IS-2/ISU-122S gun muzzle brake - German type
dt0172S1 Gvozdika gun muzzle brake
dt0182S3 Akatsiya gun muzzle brake
dt0192S3M Akatsiya gun muzzle brake
dt020PT-76 gun muzzle brake
dt021ISU-152 / ML-20 gun muzzle brake
dt022Browning M1919 .30 barrel 5pcs.
dt023DT-29 Degtyarev barrel 5pcs.
dt031KV-1 DT-29 mount 2pcs.
dt032KV-1 DT-29 mount - simplified 2pcs.
dt033KV-2 DT-29 mount 2pcs.
kv001KV-1 ChTZ - swing arm - early 12 pcs.
kv002KV-1 ChTZ - swing arm - lightened 12 pcs.
kv003KV-1 ChTZ - swing arm - strenghtened 12 pcs.
kv004KV-1 LKZ - swing arm 12 pcs.
kv005KV-2 LKZ - swing arm 12 pcs.
kv006KV/IS ChTZ return roller - lightened - late 6 pcs.
kv007KV ChTZ return roller 6 pcs.
kv008KV/IS ChTZ return roller - lightened 6 pcs.
kv009KV LKZ return rollers with rubber band - initial 6 pcs.
kv010KV LKZ return rollers with rubber band - early 6 pcs.
kv011KV LKZ return rollers with rubber band - main type 6 pcs.
kv012KV sight armour - simplified 5 pcs
kv013KV sight armour - main type 5 pcs
kv014KV-1 sight - simplified 2 pcs.
kv015KV-1 gun sight - main type 2 pcs.
kv016KV external fuel tank ChTZ 5 pcs
kv017KV external fuel tank LKZ 5 pcs
kv018KV fan armour - early 2 pcs.
kv019KV fan armour - simplied - early 2 pcs.
kv020KV fan armour - simplied - late 2 pcs.
kv021KV-1 exhausts - type 1
kv022KV-1 exhausts - type 2
kv023KV-1 L-11 gun mantlet - early
kv024KV-1 L-11 gun mantlet - initial
kv025KV LKZ engine deck - model 1940
kv026KV LKZ engine deck - model 1941
kv027KV ChTZ engine deck - simplifed
kv028KV ChTZ engine deck - late
kv029KV M-17T engine deck
kv030KV idler2 pcs.
M001URAL-4320 bed with tarpfor ICM kit

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72002VDV Armor Markingsfor BMD-1 BMD-2 BTR-D BTR-ZD 2S9 1V119
72004Refuelling equipment (USSR, Russia, Ukraine)for Ural, ZIl, MAZ, KrAZ, KAMAZ, T-55, T-62 and T-90
72009Armor of Donbass
72009Russian Internal Forces
72013Armor of Donbass 2

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Kit list last updated 23 March 2020