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1/76 scale decal line beleived to be from the U.K. The company has been long out of business. Any additional information on this manufacturer and additional products would be appreciated.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
76/003BGerman outline turret numbers & letters,black
76/003LGerman outline turret numbers & letters,blue
76/003WGerman outline turret numbers & letters, white
76/003RGerman turret outline numbers & letters, red
76/003YGerman turret outline numbers & letters, yellow
76/004WGerman turret solid numbers & letters, white
76/004RGerman turret solid numbers & letters, red
76/004YGerman turret solid numbers & letters, yellow
76/004LGerman turret solid numbers & letters, blue
76/004BGerman turret solid numbers & letters, black
76/009Britsh Armoured DivisionsA selection of 7th, 11th and Guards Armoured Div.
76/011German misc. markingsShipping labels, convoy markings, driver school, feldpost etc.
76/012German vehicles crosses 1939-1945Nine types in 2 sizes
76/016British DivisionsA selection on 79th Armoured Div and 3rd & 50th Infantry Div.
76/019Sturmgeschutz Units (1)StuG Abt 177 to 191

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Kit list last updated 11 March 2011